Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Want To Do This

I would like to get all my horsie friends together at East Fork Stables for a weekend of trail riding!

I mean how cool would it be? Cabin rental, or tenting, (I personally go for cabin, and my spoiled horses would like stalls or at least a paddock).

They have one three bedroom house with a huge loft area with it's own pasture and stalls:

I looked into it a bit and they appear reasonably priced especially if a group of us split the cost of one cabin/house and they have high reviews.

I'm thinking sometime next spring or fall... Does it peak anyone else's interest?


  1. Hullo there JeniQ ! Thanks for stoppin by my place and signing up to "Follow/Lead/Share" !
    I would soo love to join you all for that lovely ride at EastFork stables! Thanks for the, what a beaut of a place. One of the views, reminded me of home here.
    Hope you get a hearty response!

    Kacy K with Washashe mare~Oregon

  2. Ohhhh that sounds fun. But I don't think my guy will be quite ready for that yet, plus I don't have a trailer! lol! Maybe someday, though!

  3. Don't worry about a horse or trailer Pony, if you want to attend just come down to Cincinnati - you can ride Miss Bonnie!

  4. Hmmmm maybe I will ride Bonnie?!!! Should I come on down.

    Well, it is true that we have fabulous trails here. I officially extend a welcome for you to come and ride here with me!I have the use of 3 other horses, so you could bring friends out for the "Oregon Trail Touring" if you wanted...!

    Some places-though marked clearly-"No Motorized vehicles" where I used to ride, still had some ATV activity and it was scarey too...they were very ill mannered. I had some run in and had to stand up for myself.
    Now, where I ride, it is pristine and quiet and wonderful..I really am blessed...even though I got kicked out of my boarding facility to land here. It was definately for the best.

    KacyK with Wa mare

  5. Hmmmm...birding from a saddle sounds interesting!

  6. Hi Kelly !!! Pictures from horse back are the best! If you want to go trail riding sometime I'll make sure to leave the rhythm beads off Rosie so we don't scare the birdies and wild life.

    Kacy that's sooo cool thank you!


Happy Trails!