Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Results of "viewing" of the property

House is not in great shape. The second floor is completely unfinished just rough framed in. The first floor has been made into a lounge/managers quarters. One small bedroom, two bathrooms (women/men) each with a shower stall in it. Open kitchen/living area and that's it. It also has a very distinct cat smell.

The barn on the other hand is in great shape. There is really 25 stalls, but one has been turned into a tack room. Water and power. Tack stall has heat. Stalls look to be 12 x12 or 10 x 12. There is one larger. Floors are crushed limestone and dry. Did not smell of urine or manure.

Currently it is empty except for 4 horses and a goat. Last time it was a boarding facility there were 9 horses @ $350 per horse. There is no indoor arena or outdoor for that matter. There is a round pen with crushed limestone ground cover. There are 7 post and rail paddocks that are in excellent shape and not over grazed at all. The hay field first cutting was just under 500 bales.

So all of this makes me ask more questions. It's still worth talking to Jodie to get her thoughts and I will be doing that this weekend.

In the meantime I'm going to research how to put a business plan together...


  1. wowee...you're a thinkin'-aren't ya!
    Man I wish I lived closer...a dream of mine is what you are thinking!!! Been through a lot with stables and owning my own would be cake!

  2. Oh I'm thinking alright. Today I got property value comparison, utility history, and zoning information...

    Sunday I walk though with Jodie. Jodie has a degree in barn management and equine care and if I have my way my barn manager.

  3. Oh how exciting!! Can't wait to see how this turns out for you!! Good luck!

  4. Ooh, I like your Rosie horse a lot! Thanks for visiting me. Good luck with the property & business plan.

  5. Hi Leah thanks for visiting too! Rosie is a special girl .. problem is she knows it LOL!


Happy Trails!