Monday, November 30, 2009

Puppy Love

I recently took a trip to Michigan to discuss the farm I found with family members and check on all my dogs I have at my mom's place. Her husband Bruce takes care of all 13 for me.

I got to play with Dot and Izzy, the two Collies I had to go to court to get ownership of after my mom passed. Dot in particular was soooo happy to see me as she always has been since she was a tiny puppy. Izzy was happy to play with me, but she seems "put off" or different, and pretty thin. It's very understandable considering she had two litters of puppies in 7 months. One litter was one my mom bred and whelped October of 2008. When the dogs were taken from my mom's yard the girl who took them bred Izzy again and she whelped in July. Both litters she had 8 puppies, so 16 puppies within 7 months is hell on a dog.

Here are some pictures of Izzy:

February 2009:

November 2009:

And Dot from November 2009:


  1. Glad you got Izzy back back before she was bred again.They are beautiful dogs. As I mentioned before my mom always had collies too and we grew up with them. I love collies.

  2. Beautiful dogs. Wish I could reach through this monitor and pet them. They look so soft.

  3. Really beautiful dogs -- even from the pictures you can tell they have beautiful personalities, also. Glad the process of getting ownership is over....

  4. Thank you everyone. Once Upon - Dot is very soft, Izzy's coat is soft but smooth coats have the coat of like a rough lab. It's different in the fact that it's still a double coat though. So the down fuzzy insulation under longer outer coat.

    Regina - one of my moms goals in her breeding program was not only AKC confirmation correctness but the most excellent personalities. Collies are family dogs - hard working, hard playing, cuddly lap dogs. She did a great job at maintaining that personality.


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