Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update and Odds 'n Ends

First ~ Huge thank you to everyone who has reading my adventures of the past few weeks, between going out of my safe world and showing dogs, to Rosie being sick, having to put my Sadie Lady to sleep, and lastly my latest whine about what I'm perceiving as poor care of my horses. Everyone's kind words and shared experiences has been a great comfort.

Update ~ Rosie seems to be getting better. She's on complete rest, I can only do ground work, lunging at walk, for at least 10 days. I reminded BM that "rest" does not equal "stall rest" and to "GET HER OUTSIDE".

I asked Jodie to just drop by the barn in the middle of the day on Thursday and "check things out" if you will. She said both my girls were outside and grazing happily. This made me smile. Our grass is just starting to green up and grow so turnout is a good thing if they are shorting Rosie hay.

As for how I'm going to address this "issue". I wanted to take a few days to get my temper under control, and observe. I'm not completely done with my observations yet but am getting there.

There are probably three things I will not tolerate when it comes to the care of my horses:
1. Physical Abuse

2. Not feeding per my instructions ~ and I make it easy. All supplements are measured by me and put into a labeled zip lock bag. So all a BM has to do is just grab a bag and dump it.

3. Unlimited water ~ no matter what.

I'm redoing feed charts today and putting back on the girls stall doors, closely monitoring by stopping by at all hours of day to see what's going on. If things do not improve and it's obvious I'm not over reacting I'll be having that conversation with the BO.

Odds 'n Ends...
I'm thinking of providing my own feed. The barn is feeding a 12% Pellet, but I don't know what the brand name is.

I'm thinking of moving both girls to Kent's Dynasty Secure or Dynasty Pro. They are both 14% Protein, with 6% Crude Fat. Dynasty Secure has 20% Fiber, and 11 % Starch/Sugar. Dynasty Pro has significantly less Fiber at 7.5% and significantly more Starch/Sugars at 33%.

Any experience with these types of feeds, or any feeds you've used which comparative I'd be interested in hearing about.

... and lastly
My husband and I have been seriously talking about selling our little house in the city and moving to the country. The private barn and acreage I was leasing is owned by a really good friend of ours. He offered us Land Contract for what he owes, on his 3 bedroom, 2 bath log home on 5 acres with 4 stall barn.

My husbands current employment status hinders us when it comes to getting lending in traditional methods and we thought we would have to put this goal off for a few more years. I'm praying that this is doable as it resolves my boarding problem! I LONG to look out the windows of my home and see MY horses standing in MY pasture.


  1. Your requirements of the BO/BM don't sound unreasonable at all. I hope things work themselves out satisfactorily for everyone. Conflicts are so stressfull and having to confront anyone when you're not happy with them is no fun at all.

    Hopefully that offer of the log home and barn will work out. That would be the ultimate choice! Yay!
    And there's even a third bedroom.....will you be turning it into a guest room (hint-hint) lol!


  2. My husband and I are Realtors, and I can tell you that if you have a chance to do a land contract with someone, take it!! The banks are making it almost impossible for people to get mortgage loans now -- even those with great credit, good employment history and decent downpayments. It is absolutely wonderful to look out your window and see your animals "at home" -- watching them play, and sleep, and everything else.

  3. P.S. I forgot to mention...if you are going to sell your house and would like us to research Realtors in your area to find someone who is on the ball, just let me know. We will be happy to interview Realtors for you, and serve as a source of advice and "problem solving" along the way if need be. The Realtor pays us for the referral...

  4. Glad things are looking up. Hope you get things worked out at your boarding barn. I can't imagine that at all, if I couldn't look out the windows and see my boys....well, it would be no fun!
    Oh, I hope, I hope you can get the land contract farm!!! You would love it so much looking out the window to see your horses. Going to the barn in the middle of the night if you want just to see them. Early mornings looking out seeing the mist and your grazing peacefully....ahhhh nothing finer!!!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! :-D

  5. I'm glad things are getting better!! Good thought process on handling the situation at the barn! I personally think either of the feeds read well, they both have good content but i would be interested to know what the base of the protein is...They do both have Lysine which is SO great! and at the highest % available in most feeds so that is good. You can always find an Equine Nutritionist online and they can give you an opinion of their findings on the feed.

    That would be SOOO awesome if you guys could figure out how to do that! I will be praying for you guys!

  6. Jeni OH! That is such awesome news!!!!! I pray that you may acquire the habitat for human and horse that can equal happiness!
    We too are working towards that very thing-OUR OWN PLACE!

    I am glad that you are being reasonable about this all. There really is NO EXCUSE for disobeying one's specified horse feeding habits.
    I have had this happen to me, several times, at stables ere now, and it is so disheartening to have a BO tell you anything and everything-you need to hear- JUST to get you in and paying board for them to run.
    Having a facility actually does not pay off (unless you REALLY know what you are doing financially so) it happens all too often, unfortunately.

    Hay + Milk Pellets 20% Protein-no sugar or Rice Pellets higher fat-no sugar, is what I feed Wa mare. I don't want the sugar with her. My PBO does the same base with her crusty necked and founder prone Morgans.
    We add "Just the basics" vitamin supp from Equery brand too. I also feed added Lysine...for Protein absorption.

    Hang will work out!


Happy Trails!