Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Blooming Wednesday - Signs of Spring

I'm noticing that Spring is slipping by unnoticed because of the horrible weather everyone has been experiencing.

But one of the tell tale signs spring has arrived is this HUGE tree just outside my bedroom window gets these wonderful smelling flowers.  The tree is in the Magnolia family - but it is NOT a magnolia.  My mom said it could be a Tulip Tree...

.... and my grass is green

...  I've had this Orchid for about 2 years now

But a sure sign of Spring is my big boy Siberian Husky, Devil enjoying the sunshine!


  1. First I can't believe you've had an orchid for 2 years. It's the only thing I can't seem to grow:) Devil looks like such a happy boy! I love husky dogs.
    Always wanted to know what those trees are, they're so pretty.

  2. My sister can keep Orchids well too and my mother, the super gardener never has ones that bloom.

  3. That's what OHIO looks like right now? That's as warm and green as California. Our grass is still dormant and brown. The horses can't wait to go to pasture, but I have to keep telling them to wait. I want to grow to seed this spring before I let them have at it.

  4. Looks like a Tulip tree to me. We are having the warmest day in WI yet this year, high 70's. I love spring. Devil's face says it all, pure enjoyment!

  5. What a cute smile Devil is wearing. We won't see green grass like that for quite awhile. Would be nice to have a lovely scented tree. We just smell the manure pile when it gets warm.

  6. Nuzz Muzz - Yup.. green grass even got mowed today. I live in Southern Ohio - any farther south and it'd be Kentucky. We've had LOTS of rain - walking through the grass you go "squish"

    Sydney - I'm not good with plants and figured I'd kill that Orchid very quickly but so far it's bloomed each spring and through the summer months.

    Aurora and Once Upon - Devil is a sweet boy but he has some "social issues" due to inbreeding. He was a one of those purchases one shouldn't make.

    Once Upon - At times I smell "dog" but wish for the aroma of manure. Keep fingers crossed on that one.

  7. lol! Love your pooch! Such a happy face :)

    Spring? Not here. bleh! It's snowing right now and the wind is shaking our house.

    I hope nothing blooms here yet. We've gotten snow on Memorial Day weekend...aafter our fruit trees bloomed. And of course, that means no fruit that year.

    I have seen some grass growing, though.

    That tree is just gorgeous!


    Enjoy your Spring for me :D

  8. You seem to have more spring popping out than we do where I live. We can barely see little green buds on trees right now. We have Tulip trees, and I have never noticed one blooming like that (??). You have some great pictures here. Also, I must apologize for not replying sooner about the Beautiful Blogger Award -- I had just received it about a week or so prior to you passing it on to me. I did post my 7 things, but did not do a good job of forwarding it on to others. Congrats on receiving your first award!!


Happy Trails!