Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I do... For Friends....

So the house I spoke of a couple of days ago... this is what the inside of the over sized two car garage looked like:

Towards the bay door...

Towards the back wall...


Looking in through the bay door (yes that's the top of a car)...

My good friend who owns the property called me Thursday and asked for my help...   Since I know he would turn the world upside down for me if I ever need it... I said "Yes, my family will be there"

You see  my friend.. him and his family had been relocated to Texas many years ago and this house has been a rental... UGH!  He was not able to come to Ohio quick enough to get this cleaned up before an even larger problem -- RATS -- happened.  *I* do NOT want RATS when *I*  move in!

Dumpster was ordered by Friend and delivered this morning.  That's my wonderful husband posing with the first thing put in...

The teenage neighbor boys came over to help, and another friend of my Friend showed up....  With everyone working hard...

We made progress although at times seemed overwhelming..

The dumpster it filled...

.... and full to the top

The garage back wall...

and front toward bay...



  1. Wow - that's amazing - I'm incredibly glad that it was you and not me that had to do all that work!

  2. Wooo hoowee~ Hot soak, to remove all remnants, and a large sigh!Good job!

  3. What a great job you guys and your friends accomplished! That back and side wall probably haven't been seen for years!

  4. wow, that is a lotta work!!! You should come clean my big barn, no rats but lots of wood chucks and all the stuff my ex and my inlaws left behind when they moved out.

    I should check into seeing how much a dumpster like that would cost, lol.

  5. Wow Jeni, what a good friend you are - nice that you have such a close bond. I'm sure they are more than thankful. When are you planning to move?

  6. Wow, Jeni! what a lot of work you had to do! Hope you had a good hot soak in a tub when finished, I see sore muscles from that workout!!! Glad it's done.
    Oh, Equine Affaire was fun, didn't buy much only a $20 tie snap, saving for new saddle, maybe?

  7. Jeez, was there anything worth saving in there, or did it all go in the dumpster?

  8. HOLY COW!!! That was insane!! RATS?! EW!! I am glad you got it all cleaned out! It looks SO much better in there now!!

  9. LOL I told myFriend that he ran outa "favors" from me after that one!

    Leah Fry - I kept barn buckets, and about 100 horse shoes of various sizes and shapes. Along with some hoof rasps.

    Aurora - talk'n money tonight. If an agreement is met I'm moving the girls by May 1 - In the house by end of June beginning of July.

    City Girl -- I KNOW right?!?!?! I maybe a country girl but rats ... make me scream like a little girl!

  10. OMG, looks like a hoarder lived there. I can't believe you got it done:)

  11. Yikes! How do people let their space get that horrificly messy anyway? Good that you had some help. Whew!

    I can't wait to see/read about when you guys finally move in. How exciting!


  12. Wow!! That's a lot of work...... Just like a Clean Sweep episode (only WORSE!!).

  13. I helped clean up a place like that once. Overwhelming is definitely the word for such a job. You guys made great progress in one day.

  14. Fingers & toes crossed for your family. Let us know when you get a chance.


Happy Trails!