Monday, April 5, 2010

Things To Be Excited About

There are so many things one could be excited about like

Seeing your horses grazing on green grass after a very long winter
and ... 

High School Graduation Announcements and all the excitement and uncertainty that is packaged with them!


  1. Nice Jeni, all very great!
    Sure like the Two Thousand Ten graduation date!
    Yes...long winter is passing into a pleasant springtime(for you)...very happy times are ahead(for all)!!

  2. Those are both exciting things!! Yes, it has been a long winter, and Spring/Summer is such a busy time. Enjoy!!

  3. the grad announcements are for my daughter. ugh I can't believe I'm old enough to have an adult for a child!!!

  4. Oh, yes a daughter graduating, doesn't that just make you feel old??? My daughter is 36, so it's been a long time since graduation for me.
    I finally did my 7 things for the blogger award so you can check it out. :-)
    Hope the weather there is as good as it is here! 9:30 am and the temp is 74!!!! How crazy is that for the first part of April here in Ohio???

  5. Happy Graduation! A job well done for the graduate and the mom! We have a college graduation in our family this month. Graduations are wonderful milestones.

  6. Wow...scary, bittersweet!
    The date look so weird, too. two thousand ten. Makes me feel incredibly old...and my daughter is only 7 yrs and I'll be 44 this year.

    Your grass is so green! We're just starting to get some green peeking up, but it will never be anything like yours. This is New Mexico after all. lol!



Happy Trails!