Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I love my family.  They all recognized how hard today was for me.  It's been a year since I lost my mom to small cell lung cancer which spread to her lymph nodes, and spinal cord.

Today I had every intention of skipping out on my husband and children for a day at the barn grooming, riding and crying.

.... but Jim got up and made breakfast for everyone even though he got home from his gig at 4 am.   Sausage, egg and potato bake... mmmmm yummy!

Then Midget told me she was going to go do a family church/brunch/function with her boyfriends family and she'd be back by 2:30 at the latest.

That gave Jim and  I just enough to time run out and try to find his mom a little am/fm radio so she can sit outside listening to the Cincinnati Red's baseball games.   We ended up at a mall Radio  Shack *shudder* , but next to Radio Shack was this really cool RenFaire store.   I believe I'll be getting a new outfit soon... stay tuned!  It will be something I can ride Rosie in too.

Then we took Chase and the kids to see Jim's mom.  She's in a great nursing / assisted living facility that allows us to bring in dogs.  This is the first time I've EVER taken Chase to a place like this and I was a bit nervous.  Having already trained one service dog I know the first time experience in  health care facility can be extremely stressful for them.  The smells are overwhelming and all the strange equipment.

This dog absolutely blew my mind with the level of calmness and maturity he had.  He actually ended up laying flat on his side sleeping !!!!  The only real questionable moment for him was the elevator, another first for him.  I let everyone else get in before us, then brought him in and put him in "down" and left my hands on him.  Going back down was much easier then up.  He laid down almost immediately as the door closed.

Then dinner with, Jim, the kids and Midgets boyfriend at one of my favorite places - Greyhound Tavern, in Kentucky.  They have the best fried chicken I've every had.  My little man Logan said it was like God planted a party on his tongue!   We brought dessert home but I'm entirely too stuffed eat it so I believe my Bread Pudding will be breakfast!

I didn't get to ride, I had some emotional moments, but in-spite of that I had an awesome day with my wonderful husband and my three great kids!


  1. I bet it is hard on mothers day having lost your mother D: Lucky you have such a supportive family.

  2. WOW this is just the night for teary posts! Second one to make me tear up! I'm so sorry about your mom... I know your pain as I lost my dad 5 yrs ago, in years it seems like a long time but to me it seems like yesterday. I wish I had some words to make you feel better but I know it just takes going through whatever emotions strike you. Praying for you..

    You are very blessed to have such an awesome family!

  3. So sorry about your mom, I lost my mom when I was 8 and my dad when I was I understand how hard it is on days like that.
    Glad your family helped you through it!
    Your dog sounds like a great dog! Good job at the nursing home!!! :-D

  4. It does not get any easier; just easier to bear. My mom has been gone 12 years and my gram 13. I still think I need to call and tell them.....but I cannot. Kudos to your family for helping you through that and for making YOUR day special.

  5. Oh sweetie~ I was delighted when I saw your Bonnie -fabulous header...then saddened by your heart felt loss(miss you mom)...then again tickled with your delightful day and finally cracked up with the Tongue of God's delight by your son!
    All in all, you are so blessed, I was reading how so!

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind words. My day was just as Kacy described it, emotions bouncing all over the place. I've learned to just let them roll as they come instead of dwell as that will just ruin my entire day instead of 5 minutes.

  7. Glad you enjoyed such a nice day with your lovely family!! What a good dog Chase is!

  8. Those of us who have lost mom's seem to have the emotional roller coaster going on during special days. What a wonderful family you have to help you cope with the day and show you how much you are loved.

  9. I'm so sorry about the loss of your Mom. It's never easy. I lost my Mom when I was 8 yrs old. I used to wonder if it is worse to lose a Mom when you are young or when you're older. When you're young you don't have all those special years together filled with memories, but you have the yearning ache of wishing you had.
    When you're older and suffer that loss, you do have those wonderful years of memories, and wish they could last much longer.
    I think it's always tough when you have children and wish they could get to know their grandmom.
    I'm so sorry.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Mom's Day, though.
    I did nothing for Mom's Day because hubby's in Philly for the next few months and can't get back home. But I did get to hang out in the barn and organize my tack room, and then I hand grazed me mare. It was kind of nice actually. :)



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