Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Product Review and Back Update Update and Product Review

First things first...  Apparently horseback riding is good therapy because I've come such a long way since riding last Saturday.  As of this morning nothing is pinched any longer between disks, I'm just completely muscle sore, like REALLY sore!  Witch Doctor sent me out to buy a stability ball to do crunches and core work against.  He also released me to do gentle Yoga, which we have at work for free three times a week.

.. and best of all  I am now free to RIDE as much AS I WANT!!!

Second.. I rarely ever suggest a product as most things rarely impress me... until now.   I had just dropped my iPhone and the current case, iFrogz brand,  on it had cracked so it was time to get another.

I saw this add for "Uncommon" iPod and iPhone 3G/3Gs cases.  You upload your photo and create the case with your photo printed right onto the case capsule.  The cases are a bit pricey at $39.95 + shipping but a good case at Apple store for an iPhone is just as much.  In any event a case is MUCH cheaper then replacing the phone!

So off I went and uploaded a picture of Rosie, previewed and approved the design.

Designing was very easy - check out even easier.  They even had an option to checkout with out creating an account!!  Shipping was a modest $7.00 for standard shipping.

I ordered it on the 19th at Midnight - it shipped on the 21st, and I got it yesterday!! I was completely shocked at how fast that happened!

Even better - I am COMPLETELY impressed with this product.  The case is pretty heavy duty, fits very tight, and all buttons and camera lens are completely unobstructed.  It's as good as the iFrogz case that it replaced.

My picture quality is bad because this case reflects any amount of light so this is the best I could do - however it looks SO much better than this...

Ok.. and in the shipping packaging was a 20% off coupon for my next order!


  1. Awesome phone cover! Big thumbs up to you for being recovered (well, almost) and able to ride at will, and to Witch Doctor for recommending a stability ball! Love them, and use them alot at home - they work wonders. Have fun doing what the doctor ordered :)

  2. Jeni~ I am so glad your nerve pain is better! Horses are great therapy! Good luck on continuing to get those muscles better!

    The phone case is super cool!!

  3. Glad your back pain is starting to go away. Hope it keeps improving...

    Love that iphone case - I an ad for those somewhere and was wondering how they would turn out. Thanks for sharing. I might just go order one!

  4. Hay there sweet girl that is FEELIN' so good! yea, you work hard for that health. I am so happy for the outcomes!
    LOVE your new look here...really nice and functional too.
    Now that little ditty sounds handy and neat with the photo on it too.Hope to have that phone the next go around..a bit truck poor now..gotta cool my jets!

    I am going for a similar item for core and is a roll therapist uses it. it JUST turned summer 1 day NOW, I have been stuck working inside arrrg! oh heal up from the last horsey fiasco anywho!
    Am at wk now..trying to catch up with folks here...
    Be well!!

  5. Great phone cover! I'm not a big cell phone old to figure it all out, I just have one for emergencies.

    Glad to hear you got the all clear for riding. Yay!
    Let us know how that ball works out, I'm afraid I may fall off and never be able to get up again. Ha!


Happy Trails!