Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whew What A Busy Week

I've been trying to keep up with visiting everyone's blogs as best as possible...  I apologize if I've missed someone.

Wish I could say I've been off riding miles of trails in the best weather Cincinnati has seen in months - 70's and 80's and very low humidity.


NO !!!

It's not been all work though... 

Happy Graduation to Mini-Me.  

She's been driving my 2003 Kia Spectra for the past couple of years and it was at the end of it's life cycle without doing major repairs.  She asked me if I felt financing a car vs getting credit cards was a better way to build credit.  I personally feel that credit cards can be dangerous without extreme discipline, and at least with a car loan you have something to show for the dollars you spend.

With the agreement from her that she will live at home for at least the next 6 months to a year  I said get a car loan.  Her Grandpa co-signed for her and she got a heck of a deal on this 2005 Mini Cooper.  It has 30,000 miles and is a complete blast to drive!

Last  weekend the kids and I went to Michigan, my family hosted another Graduation party for Mini-me.  Not many pictures were taken as I was having too much fun catching up with my cousins. 

Here is my Aunt Wendy,  Grandma and Great Aunt Paula

And Mini-me, cousin Missy and her husband Randy

Aunt Collette and Uncle John

From there I went to my mom's place to check on all the dogs.  I got each of them out to play with them. When I got Shade out he went right up to Logan and laid down on top of him and grinned at me so of course I couldn't resist snapping a picture off with my iPhone.

and in between all of this I'm still going to PT.  The back is progressing.  I'm at about 90% mobility without pain and am going to yoga once a week now.  So hopefully soon I'll be pain free.


  1. Sounds like a great time with family. Mr. Fry and I are spending the day quietly, determined to be here should some yayhoo get carried away with fireworks. I'm always afraid some idiot will set the woods on fire.

    Glad your back is doing better.

  2. Glad to hear your back is doing better. Nothing can affect your riding more than back pain, I think.

    Sounds like a fun family outing and a great reason to celebrate.

  3. Congrats to mini-you on her graduation. The two cute mini's look good together!

    Love the picture of Logan and Shade, and their two smiling faces! Nice trip all the way around.

    So glad your back is doing better Jeni. Sounds like you had some great care and guidance. PT is sooo time consuming, but pays off in the long run. In the future if your back grumbles, you'll know what to do to calm it right away.

  4. Hi ya girlie!
    I too am having trouble keeping up...since I just got back from a second trip and am wiped out!
    I am so proud of your girl..and look at that reward..cute car!
    We all of a sudden got summer- in one week...100 degrees...from 60's 70's! Can't do anything outside...we are not acclimated!
    Well, be seeing you...hope you can ride soon...mee a "Trail Trial" this Sat...and not practice time in.ooou!

  5. Just love those Mini-Coopers! They are the coolest cars!!


Happy Trails!