Friday, November 26, 2010

Not Enough Time

I hope everyone had a fulfilling Thanksgiving full of family and friends.    My family does not meet for Thanksgiving because we are so scattered about the United States, and my kids spend Thanksgiving with their dad and his family.

It's just Jim and I every year.  I think it's nice.  We always have dinner at a local family restaurant.  They have this TO-DIE-FOR all you can eat Thanksgiving feast buffet dinner.  I think we ate enough to feed a small village !

Trying to get some Christmas shopping done.  I'm LOVING all the free shipping going on.

Haven't been to see my horses in a week.  Talking to the barn manager almost daily and they are doing good.  I really am missing them.  Hopefully ride tomorrow so long as the weather holds and the ground dries a bit.  Farrier was out last week.  Rosie was trimmed and I had Bonnie's shoes reset.  She only has fronts on because of a large stone bruise.

I'm in a panic over this trip to California. Dog shows of this level you have to dress in business attire and none of my business clothes fit, they are all size 16.  Literally fall off me.  Went out shopping, got one pair of nice dress trousers, and a top.  Need to hem the pants.  I'm so freak'n short !

I've been making a packing list so I don't forget anything, seems the list keeps growing!

Have a great weekend everyone!  


  1. Sounds like a perfect holiday. Also, you now have a perfect excuse to shop! What could be better (other than riding)?
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. We're like you, would rather go out to eat then stay home and cook big holiday dinners because all of our family is out of state. This year, my twinlings had a sleep-over birthday party and fun center day with their birthday friend, so when they got home Thanksgiving morning, they weren't in any mood to go somewhere and eat lots of food. They stayed home and napped and played video games, while hubby and my daughter and I went to the horse rescue for a potluck meal and time spent with friends and horses. It was a lot of fun, but freezing cold.
    But best of all, no mess to clean up or leftovers to deal with. hehe!

    I dislike shopping, but if it was to pick put *smaller-sized* clothing I would probably like it much more. You're going to look so good in your new business outfits. You can cheat if you don't like to sew. Get that Stitch Witch stuff that you just iron onto the fabric. It works great on hemming, basically, like fabric glue. :D


  3. Sounds peaceful, and a good time to get things done!

  4. Cute "Over the ear" view header! Gotta love those views our horses afford us!

    I'm glad that it's just you two...
    sounds cozy and no cooking too!
    We took my mom out this was very nice to be served!

    We hassled so many years going between 4 sets of parents till one yr, I said...ENOUGH! Just because we don't have kids..doesn't mean -WE- have to travel all over the countryside!
    So sometimes we stay home and the other is an every other yr visit for inlaws.

    Well, I' sorry the trip means having to spend $ on clothes..but have fun..with the new you size!

    I bet your horses miss your smiling face too! I finallu got to take a short ride the hail and was nice though!
    Take care..and kiss the horses before you go!

  5. Our Thanksgiving was great, too. Sort of opposite of yours -- we cooked and had family members over for dinner. But I could see going out to a restaurant like you do...
    We haven't ridden in about 2 weeks, and I really miss it.
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip to the dog show. Best of luck!!!


Happy Trails!