Sunday, January 23, 2011

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Dog show and World Challenge

Hi ya'll !!  I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED !!

Dog show airs TODAY on ABC !! Here is the Promo

While Hank will NOT be seen on TV you will most likely see myself and Jim along with Bev and her "go anywhere dog" Flat Tyler, Jen (she's the rep from Eukanuba that invited me to join their "Blogger"panel), Dr. V who is a Vet and author of PawCurious blog, and Susi who is a fellow dog fancier of the wonderful breed Puli.

Because of these very kind people, the story of  5 C's Collies has been made known world wide.  It makes me tear up to just think about the effect these four women have had on my life in the very short period of time I've known them.


I would to invite anyone reading this blog who Tweets, and if you don't do, to join the 6 of us for a "Virtual Party" during the airing of the show.   Questions can be asked, and they will be answered.  We each have a very different view of the show and different emotional state during it so it should be very interesting!  


  1. We will definitely be tuning in!!! Matty and I love that show!

  2. Congratulations! how exciting for you!! Best of luck in the show....

  3. Congratulations! A wonderful story.

  4. COOL-O- Jenn!
    I hope it was excellent fun and I am so happy for you!


Happy Trails!