Monday, January 10, 2011

New Hair Product ?1?

Imagine 5 foot nothing tall me straightening 17 HH tall Percheron mare's blanket.  To do so  I must go completely under her belly with my body to grab the circingle straps.

Ok now the ultra cool hip 5 foot nothing me fed the super huge mare an apple just prior to crawling under the belly to grab straps.

Can you see where this is going?  Yes-- as I come out from under said belly - the apple dripping goo lips found their way into my hair. Naturally her muzzle is at my head level and her lips have a mind of their own at times.  This is when I'm thinking she might have dropped a piece of apple on my head.

That's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with for her actually pulling away with a clump of my hair hanging from her apple foamy-goo dripping lips!!!

Seriously!! I have apple goo dried in my hair!  Thank you Rosie !!!

Any rate.. both mares are fat, happy and warm.  Farrier visit is this week to pull shoes off Bonnie and trims all around for both.

Major snow storm forecasted for tonight through Tuesday night.  I'm hoping it sticks around so I can go for snow ride this weekend so long as it's above freezing and little wind.


  1. so it should smell nice ,any styling benifit?

  2. Hair looks like maybe it's hay, so it must be investigated. ;)

  3. I think Apache likes to use my hair to blow her nose and wipe off her mouth. ewww!

    Apple shampoo would smell wonderful! :D


  4. If you were here right now, your hair would have been frozen to the apple goo and her lips!

  5. Now you have apple-scented shiny hair! A new product idea!

  6. Rosie was just sharing, beside haven't you heard an apple a day keeps the hairdresser away?!

    Hope you get your snow ride in!

  7. I was afraid you were going to say that she started backing up with you under her, to look for more apples! Thank heavens that wasn't the case :)
    It will be so fun to ride her in the snow. Do you ride her bare back any? I love getting on Savanah bare back as she's so comfortable and warm.

  8. It did smell good, I think. It did freeze in my hair as it was 20 something.

    Carol - I most likely will ride Bonnie. She LOVES snow rides. I will not be riding bareback this time. I will be in my Western Roping saddle. As long as there is no ice Bonnie and I will be giving kids sled rides. That is... her and I gallop while some poor kid is clinging to a saucer type snow sled that we are pulling. Maybe someone can get a picture this year!

  9. This made me smile!! Love it!
    We are getting hammered with snow here in Northwest Indiana, too....


Happy Trails!