Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did You Know ...

... That when it rains it pours!
  ...  Dryers stop drying
... Tires go flat
   ... Sometimes all 4 at once (horse trailer)
... Ice can, and does fall from the sky!
   ... Usually when the dryer stops drying and tires go flat

... Friends are put on this earth to make you smile
    .... Thank You

... People will never stop surprising you if you keep your mind open
    ... I will never stop surprising myself as long as my mind is open

... You never forgot those you've lost
   ... Raises face to Heaven and says "Hi Mom, Dad, Grampa A, Grampa C,  Aunt Carol,  and Aunt Linda"

... Documents are never done
   ... And we didn't get a definite NO to the "would you consider lease with option" question.
... Reading documents and thinking about it takes a very long time
   ... I'm not good at waiting

... The sun will come up tomorrow
   ... Spring is coming
... We will complain about summer heat, and bugs
   ... I hope to be cleaning 31 stalls in that summer heat and bugs


  1. :D Hopefully I'll be able to help you clean those stalls in that summer heat and those bugs every now and then.

  2. Good luck with it. I hope all goes well.

  3. Change is as good as a rest ,they tell us!Complain away about the weather

  4. Hoping it all comes full circle!

  5. ...I liked your poem/stream-of-thought...and good luck on the stable.

  6. You are so right -- it all does seem to happen at once....sometimes it helps to remember "this too, shall pass."

  7. And with the good comes the bad. Such is life.

    It's all good in the wash....and you can always hang up your clothes to dry....just watch out for the falling ice. hehe


    Disregard everything I wrote. I think the Nyquil is making me feel a little loopy.


Happy Trails!