Sunday, April 24, 2011

Celebrating Easter In Nature

Hank and I went for hike at the Nature Preserve very near my house today between rain storms.  We both had a case of cabin fever.

Hank was very excited and was ALL OVER the trail ahead of me, and never ever still...

After nearly 8.23 inches of rain in the month of April as of Good Friday and an additional 5 inches yesterday and today this little stream which is rarely a trickle is flowing nicely.

Looking up from the creek bed... 

We eventually make our way up to look down at the peaceful scene... 

We walked nearly 2 miles of up and down peaceful green quiet...  Turn up your volume and listen to sounds of nature...

On our way out we spot this little guy.  Sorry for the blur wasn't an easy photo to get.

Yes that is a domestic lop eared bunny rabbit.  I hope he survives... I don't understand how someone could turn a domestic animal loose in a wild habitat. 


  1. Your hiking area looks and sounds beautiful. And your hiking buddy, Hank, is very handsome!

  2. Oh no!!! That is just horrible! Poor little lop-eared bunny. I used to run a rabbit rescue and adoption/foster home. Right after Easter we would be inundated with unwanted rabbits...and yes..domesticated rabbits that people found wandering around in the forest. All because parents would buy bunnies as gifts for their kids and then realize the kids had no interest in caring for the bunnies. Then it was time to just toss away the "Easter Toy"
    Breaks my heart!

    Your hike looked very peaceful, but I am shocked by how much rain y'all have gotten. We had some spitting of rain today, but not enough to dissolve the thick layer of drought and dust.


  3. Looks like a lovely walk.That is a lot of rain ! The bunny is a cutie. I had nieghbors that turned thier domestic bunnies loose, they wound up at muy place (for a time) undermined the footing on the barn , and shed, also were the cause af a fairly serious riding accident for me
    If they aren't going to care for them...

  4. Not sure how much rain we've gotten, but every drop of it is appreciated. I'm sure some bunnies find their way into nature accidentally, but sadly, most of them are probably cast out, which is very sad.

  5. I love the soft green of newly emerging leaves. The photos are gorgeous. I think you're about two weeks ahead of us - it's still grey here :)
    Poor little rabbit. I hope he's okay.

  6. Thanks for taking us on your nature walk Jen. I can almost smell the freshness! I love the sound of running water, so calming and thought provoking. Poor bunny, that's so cruel.

  7. What a wonderful place to spend Easter -- out in God's nature....
    I hope the bunny is going to be OK. Shame on anyone who would do that..

  8. HI THERE!!
    Happy belated Easter to you!!
    Your nature walk was neat to share with you, THANKS!

    I was too wiped out to go to church..but reflected on Christ's mercy and grace through the Good friday event.

    You have a fabulious trail totally beautiful! Love the white smaller trees..birtch or Aspen? Or maybe Cottonwood? Your nature sounds , birds and creek and calm...very soothing~
    Too bad about the cute rabbit though.

    Hank is one Gorgeous dog..he really is!
    Now...I have some catching up to do with you!


  9. ...I've never been to Caldwell Preserve, but I've heard of it. it looks like a warbler's haven. I need to check it out. (cough, cough...I hate being sick!)

  10. So beautiful and relaxing. It feels like I'm there.

  11. Sweet Jeni,
    I pray that you have spent time with your lovely children today and also, I pray that you found some quiet and nice place to spend loving your own mother's memory.
    Be well dear...sending you some courage and hugs!

  12. that IS the best way to spend Easter! (and just about every other day).
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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