Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shedding, You Can't Catch Me, and Flooding at the Barn

Rosie says "I don't want to take a shower!
It's been a very long winter here in Southern Ohio.  Lots of snow, then ice, and now rain.   My barn (to my surprise) does not turn out in any of those conditions, so it's been an even longer winter for the girls.

... and it shows in their weight and muscle condition despite my repeated complaints to barn owner.   What these pictures don't show, is that they are ribby, and hips points are beginning to show.

Bonnie says "You can't catch me!"
Shedding Wooly Mammoth aka Rosie
This sweet guy is Joe. He's in his late 20's and isn't looking so good.  
Flooding in one of the paddocks
This is our outdoor arena... 
I am not a happy horse owner.  I've left the barn many a night crying and angry because I feel stuck.  Three days a week that I'm at the barn, I throw extra hay to my girls thinking the extra would help.  I hand walk, and hand graze for hours each time.

Something tells me that something else is going on there, but barn owner is very confrontational when us boarders bring our concerns to their attention.  Now mind you, not all boarders feel here is an issue and think this is the proper way to care for a horse.

In the last month 5 boarders have moved out... and 5 new have moved in...

I've been searching high and low for a new boarding facility lots of places have lists, lots of places are just plain scary...

Jim and I are also house shopping and working every day to get our little house in the city market ready.  Now that they are turned out daily on that nice green grass their weight should rebound quickly but they will not spend another winter there.

The boarding facility we were trying to buy fell through.. but I'm not upset about it something better will come along I'm sure of it.


  1. That is hard. Horses need to be out no matter the weather (maybe not lightning storms or tornadoes). Hey, I keep suggesting you move out here to New Mexico and you won't have these problems ;)


  2. I feel for you. I was very unhappy with our boarding situation this past winter, with our horses not being turned out, etc. We're lucky in that even though it took a super human effort to do it in deep snow and ice, we could bring them home. (They were at a boarding facility for the indoor for the winter.) That's when I swore we had to find a way to make it financially viable to have an indoor, and we started researching a horse business.
    I think the right thing will come through for you for a horse facility to buy, and that should solve your problems, but in the meantime I know how stressful this is. You're right though - they're on grass now and will be getting turned out, so don't let it eat at you. I'm rambling on, but I really know how upsetting this is and want you to feel better :) I'm glad you got it off your chest at least.

  3. Horses can handle inclemement weather I supect the BO didn't want the extra work! They need to be outside and moving out ! I agree another place next winter is a good idea,hope you find it .

  4. Yeah, that's one of the reasons I didn't like Ohio - every single barn I called around SE Columbus did not turn out in ice, snow, or rain. My poor horses spent the winter in a stall for the first time in their lives.

    I hope you can bring them home to your dream farm soon. that's definitely the best!

  5. Aww. I'm sorry the boarding barn buy fell through. What a bummer. Good for you for thinking positively about it, though. You're right. Something better will come along and it will all work out seamlessly, too.

    I hope you can get your girls out of that barn, too. It just looks rather dreary there in the photos. Couldn't the barn owner build a dry run area with crushed granite, so it would have proper drainage? That way the horses could be let out to get some exercise every day. I think I would cry, too, seeing my horse penned up in a stall day in and day out.

    Hang in there.

  6. I just read what Dan said...I second it! If you lived in New Mexico, not only could you buy a lot of inexpensive land for your farm and horses, the weather is perfect more than 300 days a year. The only negative is that we don't have much grass (unless you live in northern new mexico or down by the Rio Grande River where you can irrigate your pastures). But on the upside we rarely ever have flooding of pastures or mud. We don't get flies or mosquitoes until July and August and they only stick around for a few weeks. And best of all our weather is pretty much perfect to ride in all year round.

    Did that entice you to move to The Land of Enchantment?



  7. Oh Jeni, I knew there was a reason we'd not seen you much- of late...same reasons you will see me drop off too..stress because of my mare's living conditions I have little to no control over.

    I am so sorry!! Bet the horses are just so excited to MOVE and MUNCH as horses are supposed to!The header photo says it all- truly- I actually said outloud, "oou thats not a happy horse". It is EXCACTLY how you feel too!

    I have had it with boarding too..this stable I am in being my 7th barn in 5 years. It is the "control freaks" that think they know( say they know) what is best for you horses that reel you in, and then create havok in your you said..something is up beyond what you know.
    I have had it from :one gal not feeding my mare her suppliments and grain-at all- she lost over 100 lbs(someone that knew about this BO doing it told me later-she thought," the way I fed her was bad for her") And another BO allowing my mare to eat two horses worth of grain, as she was with another horse and got both servings(like 8 freaking lbs of grain a day)it was almost laminitis...very close, if she had been another breed, I am sure of it!
    Sometimes for the money BO LIE and are very LAZY. I have a great dislike for those sorts and the mistreatment they inflict upon us that have to rely upon them, and trust them.

    I am so sorry that facility fell through. You are right though, the situation needs to be right and I believe, you will find it. HANG IN..your horses will for you. I will pray for thiers and yours resillancy to go the distance- till you can have the freedom to do it for yourself!

    Praying for that day to come SOON!!!

  8. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your barn situation. There is something worrying in what you type and I dont blame you for wanting to seek alternate barn space.The barn owners obviously know they aren't providing a good environment by the way they are being defensive when confronted. They must feel guilty.
    I have watched you guys up there in America battle such a long long winter and hopefully there will be an end in site soon.

  9. My outdoor arena looks even worse. I hope you can get your own farm so you know your horses are getting proper care. They should not be ribby...Do they get beet pulp? Put your board money into your mortgage payment and go for the farm.

  10. Sorry to hear your barn is not working out. You are right not to worry too much about it, though. As you say, it will all work out.

  11. It's a shame that barn owners don't take pride in their facilities and do the right thing by clients. After many years this kind of situation we started looking for our own farm too. Don't get discouraged, the first farm we thought had it all and we thought we actually were going to buy turned out to be a no-go. Then a few months later by chance we came upon the place we have now. Hang in there, things will work out eventually.

  12. Jen, I would be livid! I so understand your concerns. And yes, a great many horse owners should not be horse owners 'cause they don't know a dang thing about horse health care!!!!
    Often, owners are told their horses are on a feeding program and in reality NOTHING is fed except what maybe the boaders may *see*.

    Even if you just dewormed, I would pop eveyone again! All of their coats look parasitic to me, beside their natural shedding.
    Is the barn owner responsible for deworming or do you do your own?
    Are stalls cleaned each a.m. Wet spots and manure, limed, and fresh bedding put down? If not there may be a huge parasite problem.

    I hope I have not over-stepped my bounds, but my concern is for your *kids* I know how frustrating this is for you!
    Something smells to high heaven!

    Let us know how it is going! If you want you can always email me.
    xo, misha

    p.s. I visit another blog that I won't even go to if the post is about their horses. They are new owners and two years ago when they first got two horses there were pics being being posted that HORRIFIED me of how they were keeping them in a stall together (draft horses!!), their feet
    were a mess, and then they purchased a pony which is skin and bones and there kids are all riding this poor skinny thing!

    I emailed a very nice, I promise!, note to them with suggestions and links to look at.

    Whew, did I get a snarky email back to Mind My Own Bizniz!
    This was a long p.s.! LOL!


Happy Trails!