Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bonnie vs. Thursh and Western Pleasure Day

Thursday was farrier day... I had Bonnie's shoes reset and confirmation that'd I found a mild case of thrush in her right front.  

Does this Saddle Make Me Look Fat  ?!?

... I did.  Farrier did an excellent job of trimming the frogs.  He scrubbed out all four hoofs and treated each with a 3::1 bleach solution then Coppertox.   Rosie was trimmed, I have her done oval shaped.  He cleaned her frogs nicely too, and stopped a crack.

Friday was day off for everyone as it was supposed to be stormy.  That didn't happen.

No Bonnie, you're perfect !

Saturday, another "rain out" day,  but Jim and I ran all over the area looking for White Lightening Gel to treat the thrush.  Couldn't find it anywhere so bought the last bottle of Coppertox on the shelf.  It was the ONLY thrush treatment I could find. I have a little bit of Thrush Buster in my groom box.

We spent several hours Saturday worming both mares, cleaning,  and thrush treating hooves.  We went ahead and treated Rosie's even though I'm not finding any black ooze nor any foul oder. 

Her beauty takes my breath away
Bonnie's hoof inspection today showed the black ooze gone, with just a "wet" mark and very little oder.  I cleaned well and used what little Thrush Buster I had left because I had a mild reaction to the Coppertox.  I'm hoping the thrush is completely gone by the end of the week if I keep treating it aggressively everyday.

I never tire of this view!
Today was Western all the way.   I think Bonnie looks just fabulous in the new saddle.  It fits her perfectly, it fits me good.  Western is so different to me now so I'm "adjusting".  I can tell you the seat is comfortable, stirrups are correct, well balanced, and slightly turned.  I didn't move around at all 

Bonnie was so relaxed that when she was trotting her lower lip was flopping.  She wasn't lip flapping on purpose, it was just really relaxed.  She even gave me a bit of a spook... birds shouldn't be flying out of horse trailers, but it didn't seem near as hard of a spook as before.bitless.  She immediately moved on with no tension at all.

No rides on Rosie because the weather turned stormy on me again.  Hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Nice looking saddle. Looks comfortable. I have an endurance saddle that I love. One advantage we have in New Mexico is the dry, low humidity. We hardly ever see thrush out here anywhere. Our horses are barefoot and their hooves are rock hard.


  2. I'm sure the thrush will be gone in no time with your expert treatment. Great pictures and saddle. She looks very pretty in it.

  3. Western looks good on her, and sounds like she enjoyed it too. Good catch on the Thrush

  4. We are pretty soggy this week too. Nice that Bonnie is enjoying the rides as much as you are, Western suits her well.

  5. I agree the western tack looks great on Bonnie and it seems to suit you both really well, as you find it so comfortable and feel secure, and Bonnie goes well in the bridle. I must admit that when I rode in western tack I found it much more comfortable!

  6. My she is such a beauty! That veiw,be it bay or chestnut is the best! So happy to hear it is a good fit for you both...too cool!

    My next saddle my be a Western from ANSUR...I'm so love my new saddle & the deep seated comfort .

    Lookin great bitless Jen!


Happy Trails!