Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July a small Michigan Town

Wow!  What a trip.  LOVED ever single second of it too!   My bestest cousin and her family lives here...

Over the next few days I'll post about the trip but todays post I'd like to dedicate to our 4th of July celebration.

I've never experienced a "community" celebration like this and it warmed my heart to see such patriotism still alive and kicking in this world we live in now.

It started with my morning walk down to the coffee shop to feed my caffeine addiction.  The first thing I noticed is that over night an American flag was placed in every yard in town.

Downtown was bustling with tourists (yes it's a HUGE tourist area) and locals alike.

There was a parade that EVERYONE turned out to watch.  Every time an American flag or a service man or woman passed by the crowd applauded them.  Here is a short slide show from some of the parade..

Following that there were various family oriented activities.  One of those was the "Water Fight".   The Volunteer fire department get all their gear on, bring out the tank, pump trucks, and hoses and proceed to have a huge water fight with each other and get EVERYONE else wet in the process!


  1. looks like a great way to celebrate!

  2. Looks great. Our little village of Corrales has a similar 4th parade with lots of horses. We can't do the water fight because water's a precious commodity in New Mexico.

    I'm glad you had such a great visit.



Happy Trails!