Friday, July 8, 2011

Sloppy Wet Ride and Braids

Outdoor arena was sloppy wet in most places, and just plain wet in others so Rosie and I did a lot of walking.  The small amount of trotting we did was practicing crisp transitions, walk/trot trot/walk halt/trot and trot/halt.  Also ensured as straight of lines as the footing afforded.

I used the standing water as training too.  She loves to "play" in water so today I insisted that we just keep trucking through the water.  She was funny, at first she had to stop and look the water every time.  I let her have a first look, but after that just keep a going.

She's getting MUCH better about not rushing through my hands.  She only tried it once and I believe it was more about poor footing then actually being naughty.  I started some lateral work, just the beginnings of side pass trying to lighten her up off my legs.  She gave me some decent effort.

Then it was SPA TIME!  No bath just a thorough hose off to get all the mud and sweat off us both.

Then I went to work cleaning up her mane.  I haven't even trimmed her bridle path since last fall. It had grown out about 4 inches.  I don't have clippers so I scissor cut it until I can borrow some next week.   I trimmed up the ends of her mane making it a bit more even.  

Finishing up with practice braids...

Sorry about the crappy cell phone image, and you can see where I screwed it up but I think this is what I'm going with.

Yes Mom, I know I'm beautiful

Now to figure out what to do with that crazy forelock!

Tomorrow Jodi is giving Rosie and myself a lesson!!  My first since October I'm so excited!  I have a list of things I want to go over.


  1. Nice work girlfriend! Sounds very good and how exciting ..a lesson!
    Rosie is gorgeous!
    I braided Wa's forelock yesterday. she looks so cute..but when its braided, and she doesn't have her eats forward... she looks a bit snooty, my sis calls it " hard boiled"!

    Hope you got something neat from your lesson!

  2. It's funny. My Rocky Mountain mare braids her mane herself in spots. She gets the hair all twisted up and knotted and I spend time getting it out.

    Send some of your rain our way.


  3. I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to ride or school in puddles. When it does rain here, the moisture gets absorbed back into the earth to create puddles. The only times I've gotten the chance to ride Apache in water is during ACTHA CTCs when they have a water obstacle.
    Rosie is a whole lotta lovely! She would look pretty with a braided, knotted forelock, I think.


  4. where did part of my comment go? lol!

    Should have said: the moisture gets absorbed back into the earth too quickly to create puddles.

    Weird. lol!


  5. I think she looks adorable with her braids and her gorgeous fluffy forelock.

    Sounds like you had a decent ride even with the mud and puddles. Have fun in your lesson.


Happy Trails!