Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cowboy Magic Thrush Killer Field Study Results

Cowboy Magic Thrush Killer Field Study Participant:

I've been using the Cowboy Magic Thrush Killer on Bonnie. She had thrush in all four sulcus back to heel bulbs where her shoes had been. 

Our weather here in southern Ohio has been absolutely wet and miserable.. Soupy muddy mess. I had my doubts that this product would be any better than the Kopertox or Thrush Buster I've been using for months with little to no improvement.

I followed the directions:
1. Clean hoofs thoroughly
2. Apply a half dollar size amount of Thrush Killer to the sole of the foot.
3. Brushed in with stiff hoof brush
4 Let her stand for 2 or more minutes on dry ground.

With-in a week the thrush is gone. I had my trimmer confirm this as well.

I started using it on Rosie and after one application the oder is gone so I'm sure I'll see the same results.

I would recommend this product to anyone fighting thrush!


  1. That's great. I'm glad it worked for you. In our dry climate thrush is not a problem.


  2. Good to know. Mine are both kinda thrushy right now.

  3. Good to know! Thanks for sharing! I will keep this in mind if I ever run into problems with thrush (it's usually too dry here for that, but we can have some wet springs).

  4. Very cool. I'll keep an eye out for it.

  5. Oh yay .....thrush is painful so I bet they are happy horses

  6. Nice to know! Especially since today's snow (combined with Thursday's snow) will leave the paddock a muddy mess.
    I used Cowboy Magic Krud Buster to clean manure spots off of a gray horse... the stuff is magical!

  7. The wet weather is a killer. Good to know about the Cowboy Magic. I love Cowboy Magic stain remover for a quick morning clean up at horse shows - manure stains are instantly gone.


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