Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Opinion ~ Saddle Fit

I put the "Wide" (red) gullet into my Wintec All Purpose saddle and it appears to fit better.  The size larger is the "Extra Wide" (white) that sat flush against her withers, and the next size smaller, "medium wide" (blue), pinched the shoulders.  The saddle fitter I spoke to recommended the "red" gullet and pad up with the Mattes or Thinline type of pad if needed.

So I took some pictures - the best I could standing on a plastic cat food box with a very curious mare trying to figure out what I was doing.  Please ignore the shavings on the middle of her back - I thought I got them all =/

Looks level (and tiny)

Rosie turned just as I was clicking - best of three I took from the back

Good wither clearance 

Looks wide enough where the flocking at the nail starts?

Left side is hard to see because of her mane - and she moved so a tad blurry
Even though it was dark, I went ahead and rode her.  I used my normal all purpose pad just to see how she was compared to previous rides.   My thoughts:

1. Where did the brakes go?
2. I can still put my hand between pommel and withers when sitting in saddle.
3. Ears are forward
4.  Um... half halt??  I'm still walking!
5. Reaching for contact at walk
6. Rosie is asking to trot -- ok TROT
8.  Um... half halt??
9.  It's COLD and Dark what am I doing?
10.  Ears still forward - one half cocked in my direction
11.  By stander asks if she will do a nice round circle... I say 'um should let's try'
12.  Ok Jen remember inside leg to outside rein and weight the outside stirrup - ready... set... TROT
14.  ... and we have bend, working off our hind quarters, contact and round =)  I love this horse!

So all in all she was MUCH more willing to give me forward, felt like she was leaping into trot.  It was pretty cold, and dark so I called it quits after 10 minutes.


  1. I'm not an expert, but it looks like a good fit to me. And you're right - it looks tiny. Give me a western or endurance saddle.


  2. Wow! You got a lot accomplished in just 10 minutes!
    And I think Rosie would make any saddle look tiny. lol!


  3. Sounds like a win! And she does dwarf that saddle ! wow!

  4. Hi Jen,
    Was wondering how this was going for you!

    There are 3 things I noticed from your photos. Man, isn't it hard making those!! You have an extra disadvantage- Rosie is huge! I cracked up about the shavings!

    First off, I think you should watch Jeremy Beales ( on the Thinline site) saddle fit video...it talks about the adjustable(1).
    He also addresses the placement very well (2)....and one other thing on levelness(3).

    Those are my 3 thoughts and since I'm a visual learner, thought you'd see what I'm talking, verses me trying to describe. Plus, he's an expert!
    It's a bit dry but, he is in England!

    She sounded good!! Something got free'd up for her movement!! Awesome. I'm wary of first
    Impressions...just because my mare put up with something wrong until she couldn't take it.

    Let me know what you think, after you watch and then look at all again!!

    Merry Christmas darlin' , hope you and yours are feeling Christ, and spirits are light!

  5. I thought I would drop you a post as I am experiencing inches of wet wet rain that has not stopped for the last week ......the saddle looks like a good fit. I'm just about to change my gullet from red to blue. Eve hasn't the top line to get away with red....down the track her Clydesdale breeding will probably see her wider but now she is still developing. Saddle fitting is a huge learning curve and frustrating to say the least. I hope you get it sussed and get loads more of that beautiful forward movement that makes you say WOW!!. Merry Xmas

  6. How did the mattes pad work with it?

  7. I think its so hilarious that my little flat-backed QH has to have the extra wide tree for the wintec saddle and Rosie's in a wide!

    It does look good though. how does it feel if you get your hand between the saddle and her shoulders/ back where the saddle sits? If it sits flush but not too tight, it's good. Feel for loose areas in the middle and tight ones in the shoulder.

  8. You use a different type saddle than I, so I cannot comment on the fit. I have a friend that is having saddle-fit issues -- a few of us got together and had the equine chiropractor out to check out our horses, and my friend was told her saddle did not fit properly. I am going to tell her about this post....


Happy Trails!