Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been very sick this past week with what I like to call "The Plague".  The doctor said "Bronchitis and Sinus Infection" - any rate I've been doing the bare minimum in regards to the horses so I thought I would entertain the masses with some dog pictures.

This past weekend as sick as I was I still had to go to Michigan and pick up the rest of my moms things to go through.  I brought home one of the rough collies for a few months.

I took him to the barn Monday morning when I went to clean stalls.  He'd never seen a horse before and BO's Thoroughbred, Nan, showed an interest in him.  Meaning she didn't snort, run or even blow but followed us as we walked to and from the barn in front of her paddock.
Shade and Nan touch noses
Shade would get distracted and she'd drop her head back down to his level.  I caught him licking her.. 

Shade is such a people dog.  If he can't follow me everywhere I go, he watches.  His color is blue merle, he's almost 8 years old.  

CH Triple D's Moon Shadow ~ Shade
It's easy to see why he was my moms favorite.  

And this little girl is our rescue Libby.  We've had her for about 6 years now and she shares the couch with me about 98% of the time.  I snapped this picture when I was home sick for the third day in a row.  She seems pretty annoyed that she's having to share her couch so much.


  1. That stuff is really going around. Both Betty and I had something similar and Betty is still coughing - even as I write this. I love blue merle dogs. Great pictures.


  2. Sure hope you are on the mend. Shade is a knockout! Wow.

  3. Shade is beautiful! Hope you are feeling better soon

  4. gosh I hope you feel better soon. Love the dogs

  5. What beautiful dogs. And what a sweet horse to want to hang out with the dog. I always love it when Gen wants to hang with the Collies. So cute.

  6. Yep, it is easy to see why Shade was your mom's favorite. The licking pic is so sweet!

    The Upper Respiratory crud is going around my work too, the mild winter isn't helping. Feel better!!

    Poor baby having to sharing her couch for so many days, she does look annoyed - cracked me up.

  7. The picture with Nan and Shade is so very cute. Shade is one good looking dog!
    Sorry to hear you have "The Plague". It does seem to be going around. Take care of yourself so you get over it and it doesn't mutate into some other dreaded disease!

  8. Shade is one gorgeous pup!
    And Libby's expression says a lot. lol!

    Feel better soon.



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