Monday, January 23, 2012

Weather - a Rant

Ok - I don't normally lament about the weather much, just some snarky comments here or there but never a full on rant..

Well - I'm tired OF THIS WEATHER!

Now.. We don't have inches feet  of blowing snow..

Or constant ice...

But what do have is LOTS and LOTS of Rain... 

... and the temperature fluctuations!  Geeze this morning it was over 50 F degrees..   Tonight it will be mid 20's  and tomorrow in the 30's.  

I'm so tired of this and worried about how turbulent the spring will be with winter being this screwed up.

I know Ohio isn't the only place with wild and weird weather - how is everyone else coping?

.... end rant.


  1. Michigan is the same way! Ugh! It's awful. I feel the worst for the horses, either the pastures are too flooded/muddy to go out or they are sheets of ice!

  2. I can't complain. We haven't and rain. We've had snow. Just enough. As soon as the ground begins to be really clear of the white stuff.... we get more. As soon as I can clean the paddock... we get snow and I have more poopsicles!
    I hope your rain stops!

  3. Hate to tell you but here in New Mexico it has been sunny with highs in the 50's - near 60 a couple of days. We're supposed to have some scattered rain showers tonight and tomorrow, but Wednesday will be sunny again with a high near 50. That's the forecast for the next week and a half.

    Come on out.


    PS: Having lived in Loveland for 21 years I remember that kind of weather.

  4. Finally bounced out of a week or so long cold snap , so I can't complain , at the moment...

  5. Great picture of "Water St". I think that's what the sign says; I don't have my glasses on at the moment. We've had mostly cold temperatures and snow. Really, not a lot of snow, but it has been so cold it just isn't melting. I hope you get a break from your rain. Snow, cold, rain, it all gets tiresome when it is never ending.

  6. hope it improves real soon!!!!

  7. Yeah, this year has been very challenging dealing with winter.
    It's all due to global warming. Most everyone believes that global warming will make us all warm, but what it really does is messes with the weather patterns across the world. So in some places where they normally have warm dry weather, they now have wet, cold weather and vice versa.

    It's really rather scary.


  8. It's very interesting to read posts from around the world, as so many people are concerned about the unusual weather. If this is a preview, we are in deep tapioca. We are having rain here too, after having the least amount of snowfall ever.

  9. I was just thinking yesterday how that I am officially diagnosing this winter with bi-polar disorder. I am actually banking on the idea that because our fall/winter season has been so wacky that it must mean spring is going to be quite lovely. At least it helps me feel better.

  10. Had snow over the weekend followed by fog and rain yesterday that melted it. Last week we dealt with temps hovering around 0-15, today it's going up in the forties-fifties. Crazy nonsense. And if you want snarky: glad there's no such thing as climate change or global warming as advertised by certain political groups. Jerks!

  11. In IL we've had a lot of snow lately, but a really mild December, and have only had to cancel lessons twice, so so far this winter is a win for us! Last night I decided if we can keep getting these warm days and then cold days, so it never truly becomes the bitter cold winter, where the ground is frozen and everything radiates cold, I'll be happy. It makes winter riding much better!
    Plus, having a heated barn jacket definitely, definitely makes it easier to cope ;)

  12. Yeah the weather has been crazy this winter - spring-like, as a friend put it. we have had a couple of below-10 degree days, but very little snow, and 2 days of rain. but I'm glad we don't have your rain!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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