Monday, February 20, 2012

Bonnie - New Symptoms

This is Bonnie tonight... 

Left side of face - little swelling

Right side of face - a lot of swelling. Follow the line of white and you can really see it.

 And the midline of her neck- it's  right down the middle... This is what scares the crap out of me.

She is now having difficulty swallowing, makes like a gag choking face even when sucking water up into her mouth.  She is NOT choked.

She has not drank any water from her buckets in days- all her fluid is coming from her soaked feed, which is really soaked to a mush and getting four times a day.

She has urinated at least twice today, normal amount both times.  It is dark though.

She has left her normal amount of manure in her stall, and it is not dry.  If anything it's soft enough to just be formed.  

Her temp was 99.2 - normal

Her attitude is normal - perky self.  Nickering, fishing in pockets for treats, curious, demanding food.

Gave her 1 gram of bute paste and took away everything she could possible try to consume.  I did leave her water buckets.

YES I've called a vet.  I called 4 different vets until I found one who could come see her tomorrow.  I then called that vet back this evening after noticing this swelling.  After explaining what I saw, and what we did, she said I did all the things she would suggest.  She also said that if she changes for the worse to call her and page as an emergency and she'd juggle her to the top of her rounds tomorrow.

S will be looking in on her tonight before she goes to bed.  I can't enough good about my PBO "S".  In my opinion she's gone above and beyond helping me make sure my little mare is ok.  Constant communication, giving her personal "If this was my horse..." opinions.  I truly appreciate this.


  1. Jeni, I have no idea or experience with something like this. Prayers on the way for Bonnie and you.


  2. Oh my goodness poor Bonnie! Did she eat something toxic in the pasture (or hay?)? That's what first came to mind, but of course I am no vet.

  3. Very strange. I hope the vet sees Bonnie soon. I know you must be worried.

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  5. Oh Jeni, you poor thing, you must be worried sick. It doesn't sound emergent yet, and surely the vet will figure it out tomorrow. Poor Bonnie. :( :hugs:

  6. I hate it when my animals are suffering. I feel so helpless!
    Good thoughts coming your way. The vet sounds wonderful, her willingness to help must make you feel pretty good.
    ((((hugs)))) coming your way.

  7. Sending good thoughts for you and Bonnie! I hope she is okay!

  8. Wishing I had something useful to say. Hope to hear good news from the veterinary front soon Jeni!

  9. PS - I did think of something.

    Have you checked her gums closely?

    If there is any swelling, and it looks like something is jammed up into the gumline, sometimes little ulcery spots on the mouth, a not great smell to her breath - a weed called foxtail could be the issue.

    We didn't have throat or face swelling, just mouth and gums, but I caught it fairly quick and got rid of the bad hay.

    It's a shot in the dark - but something you can eliminate with a quick mouth inspection.


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