Saturday, February 25, 2012

Healing Powers of Grass Soup

Thursday I put a bucket full of "grass soup".  Literally.  I put 1 pound of grass hay pellets in a water bucket and filled the bucket with warm water.   I set it in her stall next to her dinner of pellets and grass hay pellets soaked to a mush.

I assume she drank it because her stall was not wet, except for the urine spot, like it would be if she dumped an entire bucket over.

Yesterday afternoon for her "lunch" when everyone else was getting hay, I put another bucket of grass soup in her stall.  I watched as she slurped it all gone.  I gave her a flake of hay and her daily dose of Banamine (she get's one more) and she happily munched hay with little difficulty.

Her urine spot wasn't as large as normal, but her manure is looking better, and there was the normal amount of piles.

This morning she'd eaten all her hay over night and drank about 1/2 inch or so of water from her stall bucket, and this morning is finally eating hay in turn out.

She still has some slight swelling around the nerve, and she's pretty "head shy" on that side.

I'm hoping, I'm praying we are well on our way out of this mess.


  1. Soaked hay cubes are great for horses having trouble eating.

    Sounds like she's feeling a bit better - keeping fingers crossed!

  2. Seems like she is improving. Don't you hate it that our horses can't talk to us to tell us what is going on?

  3. Sounds like Bonnie's taken a turn for the better, continued best wishes!

  4. Sounds like she has turned the corner, great nursing care!

  5. So glad there has been some improvement. My 30 year old pony lived on soaked hay cubes her last couple of years. They work great and keep her in good shape.

  6. Oh Jeni! I'm so glad to know things are getting better for poor
    Bonnie. She got the brunt of spring giddies.

    I don't have hay cubes, but use Soaked Beet Pulp to ensure moisture to hind gut when mine looks tucked up. Even soaking the grains works. Those cubes worked great though.-SIGH OF RELIEF!
    When the pain is so high, I found that " Rescue Remedy" takes the nerves down to a better place. For the Equine, canine and human.

    Glad you and Your mare made it out into the clearing!! They do find some trouble sometimes...our nursing skills get honed. Thanks for the.diagrams.

  7. Sounds like Bonnie really likes that soup. It must be the equine version of "chicken soup", guaranteed to make one feel better. Hope she continues to improve.

  8. The 'grass soup' was a great idea. I hope she continues to improve and drink alot of her soup. Poor girl.


Happy Trails!