Friday, March 9, 2012

Downhill To Healthy

I'm alive - and breathing, so are my equines.  I've been around - reading, commenting here and there.  Just not posting as nothing is really going on right now.

Bonnie... well she is on the road of recovery.  The last bit of scare she gave us was a bout of colic last Friday.  I didn't have to call the vet, thankfully as she came out of pretty quickly.  I did cancel my trip to show one of my dogs so that I was close to check on her daily.

We've resumed normal feeding, she's not even getting soaked feed anymore.

She looks like hell though - I really debated on putting this picture up but I can't even describe the tole this ordeal had on her without the picture.

To give a better perspective this one is from October 2011

.... and today 3-9-2012  

She went approximately 15 days of eating nothing but liquified feed, grass pellets and normal pelleted feed soaked to a soup.  Fed no less the four times a day.  There was at least one day that she was not able to swallow anything.

At this point we've had 6 days of "Normal" and I'm so grateful.  I'm certain it won't take long for her to put the weight back on and starting looking like her normal self.

Rosie...  Is sound.  Every once in a while she'll step on something pointy just right and take an off step but that's all.   I assume it will take a while for the sole and frog to callous over.  In the meantime I'm going to start riding Rosie next week, and bring Bonnie into light lunging work to gain muscle she's lost before I start riding her again.


  1. Poor baby. Kids and horses. It's heck when they're sick.

    Well done. Dan

  2. OH my ! that really did take her down! SO glad she is on the mend ! ans is Rosie! Well done , you are a wonderful horse mom!

  3. Bless Bonnie's heart. For whatever it's worth, I think watching our horses struggling back from illness hurts us more than them. I'm sure Bonnie knows you've done your best for her.

    Hope she enjoys packing the lbs back on and getting strong again!

  4. I'm so glad that things are looking up for both horses.

  5. Amazing what a toll it takes on them, and us. So glad things are on the up & up!!

  6. Thanks for the update. Sounds like things are going in the right direction.

  7. Poor girl! She'll bounce back fast now that she's eating normally again. Are YOU on Ulcergard yet? Cause you probably need it!

  8. I'm glad Bonnie is on the upswing now. Poor girl; she did have a tough time. Hope both girls are doing well.

  9. Poor girl, she must have felt miserable. Glad to hear she's eating again and feeling better. Glad Rosie is doing well too. They scare us so much sometimes but I'm happy it's working out for the better.

  10. You've been through such a scarey time and the picture really makes it sink in. I'm sooo glad to read Bonnie's on the mend and Rosie is doing well too. Hope to be reading about your riding adventures soon :)
    By the way, I love your banner picture.

  11. So glad that Bonnie is doing better, and Rosie, too. Heavens that is a lot for you to go through. Hopefully everything is now about to be back on the normal track!
    Like you I have been just reading and commenting randomly on blogs lately. We lost one of our goats 2 weeks ago, and a lot of other emotional stuff has been going last post was my poor goat's obituary.


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