Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Breeches and Riding Tights

I added an awesome pair of Kerrits riding breeches to my sales page - I LOVE these pants but they are size L - and there is nothing worse than having to pull your breeches up when you post!

I also put a pair of older - but very functional riding tights -size XL !!


  1. XL?? You would be able to wear them with a snowsuit and a friend you are so little !

  2. Yah... I used to be that size. Now they fall off when I post.

  3. What color are the Kerrits? What season/weight? I love the medium/heavyweight size L's I just got - if yours are black, I am interested! funder at gmail.

    PS I don't want some wussy white/taupe/khaki color :P

  4. Are you gonna be buying some new tights from Evelyn?? You just got to!! lol!

    I am loving your new header photo! Your boy looks so big! And Bonnie is taking such good care of him :)



Happy Trails!