Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conversing With A Mare

Wish someone has been around to video or catch this one in a still frame - but as mostly normal - I ride alone or with another rider.  No camera crew.

I am cantering - confidence is getting there.  I have to be very mindful of my "canter" question.  It needs to be a statement with Rosie.  Our conversation on Monday went like this.

Rosie's voice in my head (face it folks we all hear our horses in our heads - they have a voice) sounds like a Southern Belle - sweet as peach pie southern drawl.

Me: Rosie more forward trot
Rosie: Like this?

Me: Almost - how about some balance and off the forehand.
Rosie: um k?

Me: Let's try this - "halt"
Rosie: Gladly!

Me: Trot.. but not yet.
Rosie:  ? But your legs are on?

Me: Not yet!
Rosie: Now?
Me: No
Rosie: But I want to GO! (dancing)
Me: Stand still .. get ready!

Rosie: But your legs are on!
Me: I know - trust me - you'll like this!

Rosie: Ok I'm quiet.
Me:  TROT !

Rosie: YeeHAW ! That made my shoulders come up and my butt move under me! 
Me: You're a powerful mare Rosie - use it!

Rosie: You said "Powerful" - I like it!

.... After a few of those types of transitions it was time for the canter conversation.

Me: Ok Rosie - canter please?
Rosie: no - faster trot

Me: Canter?
Rosie: Nope I trot so fast you loose your balace - I don't have to canter.

Rosie: OK!
Me: Don't care you're on the wrong lead - that's your problem.
Rosie: Imma slow down now - gate is coming up on our left.

Me: keep cantering please...
Rosie: nope - Gate... trotting

Me: grrrr
Me: Canter NOW!
Rosie: Ok

Me:  DO NOT BREAK TO TROT "tap with dressage whip"
Rosie: OH MY GAWD!!! You didn't just TOUCH me with that thing did you? BUCK !
Me: Seriously mare? "tap with whip" GALLOP NOW!

Rosie: Oh Crap! I want to stop now!
Me: NO! "tap"
Rosie: Ok Ok!  .. galloping  galloping...

Me: Trot
Rosie: Gladly!

Me: Canter
Rosie: Yes ma`am

Me: Halt
Rosie: YES MA`AM

Me: Good mare
Rosie: I know


  1. Awww, what a wonderful conversation! Love her little bit of sassy stuff - and yes, I hear that southern drawl!

  2. love it! I could almost hear it in my head! Sure have had a similar conversation with some of mine

  3. I'll have to start listening more to Sugar, my mare. Neat post.


  4. Love the southern drawl, it seems so Rosie! The conversation was hysterical, thanks I needed a laugh today. Glad she decided to behave after being so opinionated.

    Dusty and I have many conversations too. She is from the south but I don't hear a southern drawl from her, I guess because she's such a go getter and it's hard to slow her enthusiasm. I often hear a New York know-it-all voice.

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  6. LOL! That sounds WAY too familiar!

  7. I think my horse's voice would have sounded like Cartman's from South Park.
    "But MEeeeeeem, I dun want to trottttt."

  8. Love this post! My full Percheron mare and I have similar dialogues. When we first met, I didn't think she'd EVER canter. A little "galloping" in open fields with another horse really taught her how much fun "going fast" could be. The cute thing is she REALLY thinks she's going fast, but those thick legs just can't hold pace with long warmblood legs. The try is what I really like to see. :)


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