Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Last Hurdle

Another ride where I wished I had my own camera crew to follow me around and take pictures of my adventures!

We loaded up Whisper and Rosie Saturday afternoon and headed to the East Fork Lake State Park to ride as long as we could be dark.  We picked the 5 mile trail, that turned into 7 miles.  Didn't think we lost the trail that much but maybe we did.  Who  knows - we had fun!

The adventures included a HUGE log in the middle of the path that Rosie, um.. well not sure exactly how she went over it.  Kinda front end step, hop, drag the rear end over kinda thing, in both directions - part of that lost the trail thing.

We played in a creek and as we are splashing around in shallow water I notice it got pretty deep very quickly - a small hole seen in the clear water.  Just about that time S pointed Whisper at it and rode through it.  Water up to the bottom of the mares chests.  Whisper is a bit taller than Rosie.  I nudged Rosie through it and got my boots wet!

Then there was the dry creek crossing that Rosie would not step down into and cross so I had to dismount and lead her through.  It's very nice to know that Rosie trusts me to the point of following where I lead from the ground.  We are getting there with me mounted.

The really funny part of having to lead her through the creek bed, was watching me get back up on her from the ground.  I lowered my stirrup almost all the way, but it was too low and I couldn't swing my leg over her back enough to get up there.  So I'm clinging like a monkey while she starts walking off to Whisper.  S grabbed her bridle while I crawled and scrambled the rest of the way up.  It was VERY funny!  We were laughing so hard.

It was a lot of fun - but the icing on the cake was when we got back to the trailer area.

There is a large grassy field where people can camp with their horses.  It was completely empty so we went trotting around it.  I tried to move Rosie into a canter and she just wasn't going to do it for me.  So S put Whisper into a canter and passed me.  Then I asked for canter and got it immediately!! Then a rabbit went hopping into the woods to our right - Rosie saw it and tried to speed up a bit - so I opened my fingers a bit and let her go!!



  1. Did you hear the sound of thunder from her lovely, large hooves? It sounds wonderful!

  2. I wish you had a camera crew too! I can just imagine the pics! Especially the gallop!

  3. A great post and yes I had a chuckle imagining you trying to get back on. Glad I'm not the only one who sometimes loses the elegant fluid mount and ends up scrambling. And the GALLOP .....WAHOOOO you go girl

  4. Trail riding=so much fun! I am thrilled that you galloped Rosie! Great job!

  5. YES..sure wish that camera crew could have kept up with that wonderful and eventful day of yours! Good descriptions though...still belly laughing, with how you got on!

    LOVED* That ride out!!

  6. Good for you. Well done. I've hiked through that area - we didn't own horses when we lived in Loveland.


  7. Sounds like so much fun!! Galloping in a field, arena or wherever, is always a blast!!

  8. Oh how fun! I can picture you hanging on like a monkey...'cause I've been there a few times myself...just not on as tall of a horse *giggle*.

    What a thrill to gallop in that field, too!! Most horses really do enjoy the opportunity to open up and run like that, too.

    I had the opportunity to do a long fast canter out in the desert on Sunday on Splendor, my friend's horse and it was such a thrill! It was the first time I've felt completely relaxed and balanced and not about to fall off during such a powerful canter. I was soooo happy and felt like we were flying!

    I'm so happy for you!!



Happy Trails!