Saturday, June 2, 2012


Extended trot would have been perfect if someone had said "Shoulders Back" .  My elbows would have gone back into position and she would have lightened up on the forehand even more.

Extended Trot 
I never go into canter by trotting so fast she has no choice.  I always ensure she is well balanced in a collected trot before the canter transition.  I even throw in at least one walk to canter transition.  

First Canter Stride (from walk I believe)
She's not balanced enough yet for walk to canter to be pretty. I usually do it once and only when I'm getting poor trot to canter departs.

Good Canter
The next two photo's you can see we are both falling apart.  My shoulders are coming forward and she's loosing her implosion.
She's tiring... 
 It was very shortly after this photo that she broke to a trot.  I can see very clearly why.
... and I fell apart 

Notes:  Keep my shoulders back at all times.   Try to transition down just before I\we fall apart.   Be even more clear with the upwards transition - tap with whip if need be.  Turn my shoulders, not my head, to the outside every single time I ask for canter to ensure she steps into the correct lead.


  1. I love seeing pictures of you and your mare. She's so big!! My pony would look like a gnat standing next to her. Her extended trot looks GORGEOUS!!

    My canter seat consists of curling up into a fetal ball most of the time. Some day I will remember to sit tall and relax my legs. So far, every time I have, we both fall apart into one of those lovely on the forehand, jarring trots. :)

  2. I love your new header photo. You look very secure in your saddle! Rosie looks very willing and happy. It's fun to see her tail and mane mid-flop!

  3. Wow! That header shot is outstanding! Your assessment of the photos is perfect. You know what you are supposed to do and when you do it, it works. Look at that sweet Rosie....

  4. At least you're falling apart together.


  5. Wow! Rosie is gorgeous!! You two look great together!


  6. Rosie is such a beauty! I always had to remember, "Shoulders back, head UP!"

  7. ...great series. Easier said than done, though! :-)

  8. Looks great , you know where your issues are and the next step


Happy Trails!