Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Cantering We Will Go

So somewhere between July and yesterday - September 10 - I found my big girl breeches and put them on.

I'm finally confident enough to get after Rosie when she doesn't want to canter, or wants to break to a trot.


Finally sitting up and letting her motion rock my pelvis, relaxing my legs and simply riding the canter, which is fast, often unbalanced, and laced with plenty of draft attitude.

I don't care though - we are cantering and it feels brilliant !


  1. Good stuff! Her canter will only improve by lots of . . . cantering!

  2. Yeah!!! I am right there with ya, sister :) Feels great, doesn't it?

  3. That's awesome!! Happy for you!

  4. You go girl! I love how you used the word brilliant! :)
    Drafts have attitude? I always thought they were sweet, laid back and willing. lol!


  5. Good for you and Rosie! The more you do it the easier it will get.


Happy Trails!