Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Parades & Trails in Pink

With my kids getting older I've been feeling the need to socialize with people my own age with my own interests and my husband, the wonderful man he is, feels the same.  I've been wanting to join a group of sorts that is horse related so after discussion and research we joined Goshen Horse Thief Detectives

When GHTD was first established, way back in 1892 it was a branch of law enforcement. Today it is a civil group that takes part in community events and is working toward establishing new and maintaining existing horse trails across the area.

Part of the "community" is area parades! Which I've never done - ever.  To be able to participate in parades you, your horse, and your "out walker" have to get certified.  It's not a "how many obstacles can your horse do - it's how you handle your horse in new situations, or when horse is acting up.  As an outwalker you learn how to handle the horse in a manner that allows the rider to safely dismount and take control of their horse in an emergency situation.   I didn't get pictures of our certification as it was getting dark, and was dark by the end, but all three of us are now certified for parades and outwalking.  The quote from the head of the mounted division posted this on Facebook -

"Rosie, by the way, did an "OUTSTANDING" job with the blaring parade noise, in a strange place, did ALL her stuff really nice. And if Rosie needed help, Jennifer, helped her like a pro! Great TEAM, and Just the way we LIKE EM!"

So we went out and bought cowboy hats, white shirts, and purchased the official leather vest with the GHTD patch on them and suited up for the Goshen homecoming parade!   It's one of the bi-laws that a horse is lead through their first parade so Jim lead Rosie while I walked as an out walker with the group.  Out Walkers other purpose is crowd control.  People tend to be stupid and want to dart out infront of the horses for candy or to pet them. 

The very next day was the Saddle Up For The Cure ride.  This ride benefits both Susan G. Komen and the Kettering Medical Center Foundation Women's Wellness Fund (local medical center).  Over $6000 in donations was raised by this event this year. 

Barn owner, S, and her friend, J, and I had a great a day decorating our horses for the ride and having photo's taken.
This was a pretty emtional day for me - you see the five pink ribbons in Rosie's mane.... Mom, and her two sisters, my mother in law, and my grandma are represented there.  Only my grandma is a surviror.    I've learned so much about "Breast Cancer" since loosing my mom.  My mom and her two sisters did not have "Breast Cancer" (meaning no masses s in the breasts) but the cancers they each had are caused by the breast cancer gene, BRCA. 
It was a beautiful fall day for a ride - and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Just look at those smiles behind Rosie and I.
I will be making this an annual thing!


  1. Wonderful Congrats on Sweet rosie and you passing your certification! Very cool.
    And a wonderful tribute to your family members who have struggled with cancer and lost . Cancer is an unkind and horrible disease,and every one who is touched by it even peripherally is left changed. This type of tribute and fund raiser can do such good!

  2. A great idea. You two are going to have fun doing this.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do!! Love the parade and that is so great that Rosie did so well!!

  4. Good for you and the folks in Goshen.


  5. I love seeing you and Rosie doing all these cool events together. She is really a wonderful horse and seems to take it all in stride. The two of you must have built a wonderful bond together.
    The GHTD group sounds like fun, but it's too bad that they require cowboy hats and not helmets. Seems like that would be an even better safety measure than just walking the horse through the parade the first time through.

    And I saw your photos about the breast cancer ride. What a wonderful opportunity for you and Rosie to participate in :)


  6. How cool is this! Great time for a great cause. No small accomplishment riding in a parade -- so gald to hear it was an enjoyable and successful event!

  7. What a great organization to join. Have I ever told you how much I love Rosie. She's just so special. You two are going to have such fun.

  8. Looks like a great bunch to be involved with! I had to look up what state you are in when I saw Goshen, We moved from Northern Indiana - Elkhart/South Bend area -and there is a Goshen there too.

  9. Wow Jeni, this is awesome and your hubby is involved too! Riding in parades is no small feat...looks like you & Rosie are pretty much doing it all!!

    Glad you had a meaningful ribbon ride, representing such special people in your life. Nice to have barn mates to share the experience with, happy for ya :)


Happy Trails!