Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Pictures and Videos

Thankful for my family especially for the new additions
My grandson Max

Thankful for the life I'm able to live - I work hard and play harder

Bonnie - healthy and full of life

Rosie ~ Challenges me to grow into a better horsewoman daily


  1. A beautiful Fall, Ohio day. A beautiful new grandson. Two beautiful horses. What's there not to like and enjoy?


    PS: Loved the "fire breathing dragon" comment.

  2. First, what a great new header shot! And such a beautiful grandchild. Both horses sure are doing well and it looks to me like life is good!

  3. Love the videos. Bonnie was feeling goooood!
    Great new header shot :))

  4. Glad life is good and you have much to be thankful for, you deserve nothing less. Your header photo pretty much sums it up, it's priceless.

  5. Wonderful! Love the video of you and Rosie, and the header shot! And of course your beautiful grandbaby


Happy Trails!