Friday, January 18, 2013

Long Over Due -- Pictures Included!!

Ok Ok - I've been a bad blogger lately.  It's really not my fault though.  Blogger hasn't been playing nice and it's been rather frustrating to say the least.

Up until this past Saturday the mares and I have been pretty busy. Lots of new things going on.

"S" asked if she could use Rosie in a couple of riding lessons with Jen Truett, who is a well known bio-mechanics instructor using the Mary Wanless "Ride With Your Mind" theories.  Of course I agreed!   I've also been fortunate enough that I've been able to go with S and Rosie to watch the lessons. S also given me one lesson on Rosie fixing my seat, legs, etc to be more mechanically correct.

"S" and Rosie

One of the things that really needed to be addressed with Rosie is forward movement.  So with S's assistance I've *mostly* gotten over my brain and am demanding if the answer to the ask isn't immediate and with purpose. We want her leaping *UP* through the transition and maintain the *UP* down through the transitions.  The result is me getting left behind (good thing - I'll catch up quickly as my muscles develop)

Rosie is again teaching folks the joy of riding a draft - first my youngest son rode her bareback with halter and clip on reins last Saturday.  He had a blast with her - not too keen on trotting as she has a lot of bounce.

.. And Jim is riding again.

Lastly... I signed a contract and sent off the deposit for a breeding in April 2013 to

He and Rosie are so closely matched in conformation, and they fix each others faults that in the worst case I have a nice foal, in the best case I have a phenomenal foal.
photo credit for Sugarbush Harley's Classic O to Wolfstar Studio.


  1. Good for you on the possible foal. Love the snow pictures.


  2. Hi there Jen!
    Love your snowy shots and header (very upright cantering!)!
    Sounds very progressive there with you and yours and Rosie. Love M.W. training. Nice opportunity.

    A Foal in the exciting. he is nice!

  3. Ooh! Ooh! a baby! He's a great sire and as you say a perfect match! Can't wait!

  4. Cantering in the snow!!! Love it!

  5. Yay, yay and yay!

    Love Mary Wanless' training - no clinics less than an eight hour drive from here. Lucky you.

    Baby = ♥!

  6. Rosie is so gorgeous! She will make a beautiful baby! Congrats! Will you be taking Rosie to him or doing AI?

    Love seeing your husband and son riding Rosie, too. Rosie looks very relaxed and happy and they both look comfortable on her. I love the loose reins!

    I noticed that in those top two photos and in the header photo that you have a tight grip on those reins to the point that Rosie looks uncomfortable and the bit is being pulled out of her mouth. It looks like she wants to move forward, but she is being held back. Is this typical dressage technique?

    In the photo beside Harley's Classic O, you have a much softer contact with Rosie's mouth and she looks more relaxed and she has a very nice head set and looks collected. You both look beautiful and perfect.


    1. Lisa you are very observant. In those two pictures it appears I'm pulling so hard the bit is pulled out of her mouth. Actually what is going on is I changed bits (again) and it's too big by 1/2 inch. That's why it looks like it's being pulled out of her mouth. The canter picture she is pretty "up right" meaning she's a tad braced, and yes my hands could be more forward, but her head is in front of the vertical so I'm really not holding her into any frame just setting a boundary. Also the canter picture was probably 1st or 2nd stride as I'm clearly checking my lead. She has issues with picking up the correct lead still (balance) issue.

      In the trot picture - She's more in frame but my hands are forward - I'm almost always "pushing the shopping cart" so to speak. Rosie is VERY forward and rear wheel drive now and if were to drop my reins or shove my hands way forward so there was a loop she'd hold this frame for a bit. Looking at this picture some more she does look like she's sucking back a bit.

      Was it a Dressage thing - nope I was just having fun in the snow with my mare!

      The show picture with O -- I can tell you the moment that picture was snapped is when she fell in love with a chestnut gelding on the opposite side of the ring (outside) being hand grazed. She was VERY forward with no bracing at all - which is what we strive for.

    2. Oops -- I forgot to add - I FINALLY got the right size bit for her. 6.25 inch hanging cheek french link snaffle.

    3. Thanks for the explanation. I'm glad you didn't take my comment as being negative, because it wasn't meant that way at all. I don't know much about dressage, but am always watching and trying to learn. And I am always impressed with how beautiful you and Rosie look experienced and skilled. But in those two photos, you both didn't look as soft and as comfortable. Of course, we all know that a photo can capture a moment in time that doesn't really reflect the entire experience. We can all be caught in a less attractive moment. But I'm giggling thinking about Rosie showing off for that chestnut gelding she thought was hot! lol!

      I love that ride Rosie in a French link bit. That's what I ride Apache in, too. But she's not a draft horse who competes in dressage. lol! You go girl!


    4. No worries on taking your comments in any way other than you intended. When I put pictures out for the public to see I do so knowing full well someone (NOT YOU) can throw negative stuff at us. I have no issues explaining what is going at that moment in time, if I can.

      I'm also more critical about my own riding than anyone else can be. I can pick apart each of those photos and find so many things I'm doing that can use MUCH improvement. Shall I start with my heels and work my way up? *grins*

  7. Looking good! and so exciting about the breeding! Amazing foal, is my guess

  8. You've got lots of exciting horse things going on. Nice to see your son & hubby riding. A Rosie foal will be so special, how fun for your family!

  9. Who doesn't love a baby!! Looking forward to reading about that part of your adventure :)


Happy Trails!