Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Yesterday was dress up day for Rosie.  Before I go on the great tack hunt I needed to know what I needed.  I have a western roping, Aussie Endurance, English All Purpose, and Dressage saddles.  All of them fit Bonnie and she is rather wide for a QH so I have half a shot at something fitting.  

First the Dressage saddle - because it's my favorite between the two English saddles.  It currently has the medium wide gullet in it.  Set it up on her  not girthed.   It looks ok.. not sitting high off withers, not sitting down in the back almost level.  

Now for the girth.  Obviously Bonnie's is not going to fit.  Karat is a 17.3 HH German Warmblood and "looks" bigger then Rosie so I grab his size 30 dressage girth.  I have extenders in hand if I need them.  Cinch her up - stand back and look...  and WOW it FITS!!!!

I know if that saddle fits her the roping and all purpose will.  The aussie is a completely different fit.  Some horses, especially youngs ones don't immediately like how an Aussie fits as it sits a little higher on the withers.  She was being so good with me playing dress up that I didn't bother.  Why ruin a good thing yanno.

Bridle is a different story.  Rosie's other mommie sent her western bridle along with me - but it's draft size and too big!?!?  Yah that's right I said "too big!".    I look at Bonnie's cob size hunt bridle... no way.  Her cob size dressage bridle... nope not gonna.  I grab her one ear western bridle... and laugh.    Dig in my tack box for OLD OLD tack that I used on my Arab when I was a teenager.  Maybe.. it's at least Horse size... umm.. no.

Looks around... Karat !!!!  I grab his dressage bridle... hold it up to her head.. bit at least comes down to her lips!  Bit is too small so I pull it off and just put the headstall on her.  ... and... 

She is "Warmblood" size !!!  well except for the caveson it was too small.   O'well I'll have to get a separate one.

So today is the great tack shopping day after work.  The list is Halter, Bridle, Caveson, 30 girth,  size 6 snaffle...  

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