Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh A Shopping We Will Go

.... a shopping we will go!

One of the local tack stores is called The Tack Trunk.  It's a one stop shop store if you are into English riding.  They don't stock any western items but that is ok. 

I went on my lunch break - it's about 5 minutes to the store from my office building so typically no issues.... typically being the operative word.

I walk in the door - make a bee line to the halters.  They made it easy for me sizes were colour coded!!  Red for foal, green for horse, blue for Over Sized!  Blue is my colour.  Now.. leather or nylon.. standard or break away.  Choices.. lots of them.  

I decided on a royal blue nylon breakway, with matching cotton lead.

... Time check -- 45 minutes left.

Drop halter and lead off at cashiers desk and head down stairs to the saddle's and bridle area.   Quick glance though the used consigned saddles.. nothing wide enough.  Move over to the bridles... again colour coded.. again blue is for me.

Pick this gorgeous mahogany tanned leather dressage bridle with lace leather reins... look at price tag.. pick self up off floor and promptly put the $500 bridle back.  Decide to look at top row and bottom row of bridles... bottom = cheaper in this store.  Finally find a black dressage bridle complete with caveson, flash and rubber reins.  I really wanted leather ones - but we are talking another $75 more for leather.  I'll get them at a tack swap at a later day I think.

time check.. still ok.
...bridle needs bit.  Rosie was train in simple snaffle and tom thumb snaffles.  So I'm standing looking at two displays each with 4 sides of bits.  Every imaginable bit type of varying metals and sizes.  Jodie suggested a french link egg butt snaffle in size 6.  Pick one up.. it's a pretty copper.  Read price tag -- again pick self up floor, and puts the $130 bit back.  Look around for help... Help arrives.  Explain what I'm looking for and indicate that the $130 is a bit more than I had planned on spending for a bit.  End up with a plain jane egg butt snaffle for $13.00.

I make it back to work a bit late but not too bad.   Life is good except it's too hot to ride tonight and the whole lightening thing.  But I did drop the new "clothes" at the barn for Jodie if she chooses to ride Rosie over the weekend while I'm in Michigan attending a family reunion.  While I was there Rosie and Bonnie got lots of treats, fresh water and some hay.  They are on night turn out because of it being so hot and they are just standing in the run-in infront of the fans anyway.

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  1. I feel ya on the sticker shock. I found a nice bridle I liked a while back ago and when I looked at the price it was $1400 and made by the same company that makes $30,000 hand bags. I love my horse but I'l be danged if I'm gonna spend $1400 on something he is just going to sweat and drool on, lol.

    I set my tiny child's english saddle up on Brego again yesterday and he has filled in enough in the back that it ALMOST fits him. A few more pounds and we should be good to go. No way am I going to try and buy something to fit him now just to have it not even close to fit him later on.


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