Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well - no one told me Rosie could figure out how to open a door.  Like a real door with door knob.  So imagine my surprise when I received the phone call from Jodie - Bad news Jeni - Rosie got out of her paddock and into the pasture with Bonnie and Karat.  They all ran into the run-in shed - guess someone got upset and started kicking. 

I'm thinking Rosie ran through the post and rail fence - jumped it - something - NOT turn a door knob and walk right in through the door.  There is a standard human size door going out into her paddock from the barn.  She opened it by turning the door knob - THEN she opened a standard human door into the tack room.  After that she walked through electric fence and joined Bonnie and Karat in the big pasture. 

The fireworks started when they all crammed into the run-in shed together.  It's large enough for two horses - but not all three.  That's when someone's temper flared or someone panicked cause there is not enough room for them to turn around when all three are in.

I believe injuries are minimal which is amazing considering how large an powerful Rosie is and how mean Bonnie can be.  Karat got the worst of it - hoof print in the side and a couple of deep cuts. 

Better topic - my family got me a sizable gift card at the local tack store.  It's a good start on a new All Purpose saddle with the gullet change system so it will fit both horses!! YEAH ME !!!

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