Friday, July 3, 2009

Funny Faces and Sweet Spots

Jim and I were out weedwacking and repairing fences that Rosie walked through or over not sure which.  Only one post was pulled up and none of the fence actually broke  this was a good thing.

I think she walked through the fence because the grass was high enough to short it out so he trimmed it an we will see if it helps.

While we where there I cold hosed Karaat's knee for Jodie - he's an idiot.  He gets so upset when he's away from Bonnie.  Doesn't make sense to us considering Bonnie is a bossy meanie mare with him.  She bites and kicks him in the field the whole nine yards.  

Then Jim and Rosie bonded a bit.  He brushed her mane and forelock out - no easy task  as it's full and thick.  He found her sweet itchy spots and believe it or not - right behind her ears like a dog!  She's so funny.  her lip out, head tilted toward him.  I swear if she could she would lay down for a big ole tummy scratch!

Before we left everyone got a treat.  We have apple licorice things they LOVE them.  Jim gave Rosie hers and she did that "funny taste" lip thing horses do.  Then knocked him over when he didn't offer more treats.  Too funny!!

I'm looking forward to riding tomorrow so long as the weather holds out.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July!


  1. Hope you had a good 4th! I was a bit worried about how Brego would handle it, so even though everything ws OK I am glad it is over!

  2. Rosie's birthday is 4th of July - she is now 5!!!

    The horses survived - we groomed Rosie while the neighbors where shooting off God knows what. Can you say "over stimulate" !!


Happy Trails!