Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I learned today... I have a lot to learn

So.. Handling a full size draft is not the same as handling a cob size Quarter Horse.  This evening I worked on ground manners. 

First lesson - we do not turn our butts to humans when they walk up to us.  Rosie learned pretty quickly that circles are not fun and we stood nicely for the halter.

What I learned... My rope halter is too big, and the nylon halter I bought her is too small... gah!  I will have to get a different rope halter as that is what has been used on her since day one and she respects it.

We then groomed standing ground tied in the middle of paddock.  My daughter did the grooming while I chattered, walked all around, waved my arms and was a general lunatic.  I learned that Rosie stands PERFECTLY to be groomed!

I then lunged her in her paddock, it's small area but we can walk / trot.  I learned that Rosie's favorite game is Lawn Surfing!  Rosie learned that in that small area I have the control and lawn surfing was not on the agenda tonight!

Tail may be swishing and ears may be pinned.. but we are going in nice circles on loose lunge.. Yeah!

Then I put my daughter up on Rosie, in the too big rope halter with lead rope reins.  I think the smile on the girls face says it all.

Next lesson will be shoulder and hindquarter yields and if I can find tack that fits I will be riding her.

Bonnie got her love too.  We took her out for a bareback ride around the farm and I gave her handful of oats. I in return got a friendly bump in the arm.  Bonnie's way of saying "Don't forget about me mom".


  1. Drafts and ponies are both experts at lawn surfing, lol.

    That "we do not turn our butt toward the human" lesson is one of the very first ones I teach.

    I don't mind if they let me know they are not happy as long as it stays posturing. When I am in a bad mood and something is ticking me off I think I should be able to grit my teeth and say so... but I don't take it out on anyone else. I allow and expect the same from my horses. You can swish a tail and grind your teeth and pin an ear but you better also do what you are told when you are told and keep doing it until you are given permission to stop.

    Also, can you believe we are old enough to have daughters that look so grown up?????

  2. I have no issues with doing what's asked and "whining" about it at the same time. I got what I wanted and I was happy that's what counts.

    I'M NOT OLD DAMMIT hahahahaha! Just.. well... aged... Mini-me will be 18 in December ... makes me sad.

  3. Mine is 14, and has been taller than I am (not that THAT is hard) since she was 11. Blows me away.


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