Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why "Super Size My Cob" you ask?

Well... Good question.   I thought this would be a good way to share my adventures with my new draft horse.
Some background on how I ended with Rosie.  My brand spank'n new 16.3 HH 2000 LBS 4 yr old Percheron/Belgium Draft mare.  (can you say SUPER SIZE ME)

So this adventure in draft land came from what was probably just random blabber from my husband "I'd like to ride with you sometime".  That translated to my horse lovers brain as "Yes dear you can buy another horse - just make sure it's a big one." 

My dear husband is a big man - 6'3" and 290 LBS.  So I already knew my beloved Bonnie who is a 14.2 HH 900 LB Quarter Horse was just not going to work. (She's the Cob in this story)

After talking to a few people I trust on the right breed - size - etc.  I decided on a draft or draft cross.  The hunt was on.  

I found this gorgeous looking chocolate draft on Dream Horse named Primrose.

Contacted Brenda she was great!  She answered my endless questions.. made herself available for me to come meet Primrose and go for a ride.  After a bareback ride in  bitless bridle, and a quick lunge to see if she knew how, I discovered that her 'professional training' was with natural horsemanship methods!  I was giddy!  Took me less then 24 hours to say "yes".  Hubby was on board too he likes her.

Well yesterday was homecoming for Rosie... I had her previous mommie put her on the trailer for me.  I figured might be better for Rosie as she the one she currently trusts.  Man I was right - took Brenda 15 minutes to get her on the trailer THANK YOU!

The three hour trip home was non-eventful.  She was quiet and still all the way.

Got to the barn - she got a quick 30 minute "I'm the boss and you can not run me over" lesson and a lunge - walk / trot / canter both directions.    More walk nicely on lead while I cool you out then settled into her personal paddock.

So as you can see.. I now have a cob and super sized horses!

My hope is that you find this blog entertaining and you will learn from my mistakes and hopefully offer some wisdom of your own!

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