Tuesday, July 21, 2009


... electric type

So I get a phone call:
Jodie - Hay Jeni - I don't think the electric fencer is working.
Me - hmmm K why?
Jodie - I put Rosie out in the big pasture.  She was fine while I worked in the barn for an hour or so.  Went in to eat lunch.  Come out and find her standing in the fence.  It's wrapped around her legs.
Me - thank goodness it's not barbed wire.
Jodie - Oh yah.  So I put her in her stall - put the wire back up.  Then think - hay I did that WITHOUT  SHUTTING OFF THE FENCER and I didn't get shocked.
Me - uh oh
Jodie - yah no wonder she walks through it.
Me - great!

Soooo - Now fencing - I'm thinking that whatever extra I do to this place now I want to be able to take with me when I find my forever home.  So... No more post 'n board unless the owner of the property pays for it.  He's not opposed but I don't want to wait for it.

So another "electric" electric fencer .. or Solar???  I know Solar is more expensive initially - but in the long run ... 

I've already decided that I'm going to use Fence Tape instead of wire.  The larger surface area should be beneficial.  

I'm not sure what voltage to go with.  My initial thought is enough to hold the Dino's in at Jurassic Park - that might be over kill??  I'm not even sure what voltage the current fencer is.  That's probably a good starting point. 

I'm completely open for suggestions and idea's!  Keep them coming Pony - I'm still picturing the crime scene tape!  Mary drawing a chalk outline of  Brego.. hehehe

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  1. HAHAH! The "chalk outline" cracked me up!

    Well, at least that answers you question about why she is walking through it. Hehe. This is my general rule of thumb: Get the biggest fencer you can afford. Because if you move you might need to power more fence, so why risk ending up with less fence than you need down the road? As long as the fence is grounded properly overkill on the power won't hurt anything but it is nice to have the juice if you need it.

    As far as traditional vs solar... I'm currently trying to decide the same thing so I'll post any research I find as I find it.


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