Saturday, July 18, 2009

Off To The Show

The weekend I was on vacation Jodie took Rosie and Bonnie to their very first show.  Bonnie was competing in Dressage and Eventing and Rosie was there for "socialization" and dressage schooling.  I think the pictures tell the story so here you go:

Bonnie says "PINK??? and what's up with the Moon and Stars?"

Can I go yet?

I think I can... I think I can...  WAIT !!!  No I Can't !

Ok -- Yes I can:

Ohh This is fun!

Where's the next one?

And Miss Rosie on the flat


And Canter:

Jodie makes it look so easy doesn't she.

No ribbons were won - but all had a blast.  Rosie did so well she will be entered into beginning level walk / trot Dressage classes at the next show.  I may even compete again after 20 years so stay tuned!


  1. They both look lovely, but that Rosie... she just tickles my draft loving fancy!

    As far as the fence issue you mentioned in your comment on my blog... Do you use wire or tape? And how strong is your fencer box? I learned pretty quick Brego would just shove his way through wire on my temp fence because it has a pretty low breaking pressure. He can walk out before he gets zapped more than once or twice.

    But the tape holds together much longer and he can only keep it up for three or four zaps before he gives up and gets seriously pissed off about it, lol. It also gives a more solid visual appearance. Combining the tape with a good fencer box and/or making sure your fencing isn't losing too much juice through touching weeds and is properly grounded from the box so the horse gets the full dose of juice helps with these huge lummoxes a lot.

    It only took once to twice of him testing it after our week of escapes for him to stop trying. Thankfully. I think I may need to get a new better box before winter though. With the kind of hair he grows he could roll himself up in the fence I have I now and take a nap and never have any of the zap get through his winter coat.

    I just added the tape to my existing fence at about chest level, rather than replace anything.

    Because I'm lazy.

    And too cheap to replace the whole fence with tape.


  2. Thanks for the idea's!!! I never did think to check to see what voltage the fencer was. Tape is a broader visual and covers more body space when touched so maybe will help. We've actually got about 4 posts worth of fence that is wire. The rest is post and board which she doesn't mess with at all.

  3. You know.... you might just want to put "fake boards" there. Something to increase the visual presence in that area. If she leaves the post and rail fence alone just making it LOOK more solid may be all she needs. I once "reinforced" a wire paddock with crime scene tape. You know, the yellow and black "POLICE LINE: DO NOT CROSS" stuff? HAHAHA! It made my barn lot look like a crime scene but it worked great! I just strung it between the wires. I've also used strips of old sheets cut into 4 inch wide lengths, but the crime scene tape was way more fun.


Happy Trails!