Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If it's not one thing...

It's the husband getting a strep infection in the deep tissues of his skin.  Add to that the fact that it spread into his blood and lymph nodes.

Sunday morning he complained of flu symptoms - which by early afternoon developed into intense lower back pain - chills - and low grade fever.  Early evening was acute pain in groin and down left leg to ankle and 102.7 fever.

.. Off to the ER we go.  30 minutes in - he's being admitted and we are being told that if he'd waited another day he'd most likely be in ICU fighting for his life.

He got to come home today - but Sunday night until Tuesday morning they were trying to find an antibiotic that the infection would respond to so it was really rough going.

Compared to what I went through earlier in the year with mom - this was pretty scary and stressful for me but all is well now I hope.   Infection is not gone but doc has every confidence that oral antibiotics should be sufficient. 

I did get to see my ponies this afternoon.  I had to run the new tags for the trailer out to the barn so Jodie could use it this weekend.  I took 15 minutes to pet and converse with both Rosie and Bonnie.  They both nickered at me when I walked in the barn  felt really good.

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