Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally No Rain and a Ride

We finally had two days with no rain and the ground dried up enough that there was only minor splashing in some places, and fairly dry in others so  Samie and I went for a quick ride Friday after work.  

I was a bit nervous as I haven't ridden in about a month and Rosie hadn't been ridden in at least week.  I really didn't have time to thoroughly lunge her out so did once both ways then 5 to 10 minutes of ground manners and on her back I am.  You will notice in the pictures I am wearing a helmet.  I'm still not completely comfortable with Rosie as she's a "Whole Lotta Rosie" to fall off from so a little safety is in order here.

I learned a few things about her  - she likes quiet hands, but needs help in steering sometimes.  The more on my seat bones I sit the more we extend without much leg.  She really thinks and wants to do what you ask.  She is a very awesome horse that gives an awesome ride.

One thing I learned about me - I've lost so much weight in too short of time and my light cotton riding tights don't do me any favors anymore.  Next time camera comes out I'll be wearing my black breeches!

And the pictures all taken by Samie from Bonnie's back:

Learning to stand still is never easy...

"Hi Samie Lou!"

Mounting... From a Bucket and you still can't see me:

And moving out....

Proof that all those lessons pay off eventually.. Heels -> Hips -> Shoulders -> Head and OH MY GOSH look at that FLEX and  BEND!  Not bad for a 5 yr old who's just been started in Dressage !!!

All I can say is I love this horse, I love RIDING this horse!!! 


  1. Rosie is one big beautiful girl. Her coloring is very pretty. Glad you are enjoying her. Drafts are great! Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Looking great!!!

    I ALWAYS wear my helmet now. I know too many folks who rang their bell one too many times and one who rang it hard enough to end up buried because of it. I miss the carefree days of my hair (when I had some, lol) blowing in the wind, riding my horse barefoot, in shorts and a tank top... but I don't bounce like I used to so these days I keep my noggin in my brain bucket! I even wear it when I drive a horse to a cart.

    None of my riding gear (aside from my half chaps and helmet) fit me anymore either. I need some new pants and shoes and some decent gloves.... but for now stretch pants, winter work boots and gardening gloves will have to do, haha!


Happy Trails!