Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For the lack of posts - Jim is still mending.  Infection does not appear to be getting worse, but also does not appear to be getting better. 

Kids schedules got a bit busy and with all the "back to school hoopla" .. and Hockey is about to start again... 

and the non stop rain .. gosh rain.. so much rain that it's impossible to ride right now.  Bonnie threw a shoe somewhere.. can't find it.  I think I'm going to just pull the rest off for now until her next shoeing appointment.  The mud is just sucking them off.

Supposed to be nice this weekend so hopefully things will dry up enough to so that I can at least take Rosie out for a walking trail ride.

Hope everyone else is able to get out and enjoy things!

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  1. Yesterday I was working Sparrow and it started to rain and he was like, "So we are going to stop now, right?" and I was like, "Um, no, get it in gear buddy. A little rain never hurt anybody."

    He was not pleased. lol.


Happy Trails!