Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mom are you SURE you're OK?

This is what Samie asked me when I asked her to accompany me to the local craft supply store.   I am NOT crafty.  The gene completely skipped me I believe as my mom was very artsy and crafty and Samie is very artsy.

But I wanted Rhythm Beads but didn't want to pay for them.  The benefits for the most part is a gentle ring that will help desensitize to other sounds around.  They are also benefit to the rider to keep rhythm while schooling.  Not to mention it's pretty cool to put a necklace on your horse.. don't you think?

Thing is these things can get expensive to buy.... and they are just beads and trinkets! 

$50 worth of beads and trinkets later and about an hour or so of my time I have this:

Samie and I plan on making more of these as well as mane clips.  She will probably put some on etsy to try to raise money for college.   


  1. Looks nice! It's also nice to have one with a slightly larger bell (or multiple bells) to use on trail rides during deer hunting season!

  2. Very Nice! I've been wanting to make some rhythm beads too. You did good.


Happy Trails!