Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looking to buy...

I've been surfing the net looking for inexpensive items for the girls.  Namely I need a waterproof light to medium weight turn out blanket for Rosie.   I know she's a draft.. and will get lots and lots of hair  but... 

Our winters here in southern Ohio are ice storm after ice storm after ice storm followed by 50 degree days for a month, then down to below zero for over a week, then rain.. etc.  And actually we don't get "winter" til about January, by then horse has already gotten as much coat as they are going to get.  Not much when it's 60's until Christmas.  

So size 80 - to 84 waterproof light to medium weight turn out blanket is top on my list.

Nice halters - middle of the road type quality.  Currently have one nylon break away for each girl.  I like to have at least one spare.  I can always throw my leather, western show halter on Bonnie.  I used it on my Arabian when I was a kid and competed in 4-H with her so it fits Bonnie perfectly.  Just not a halter I'd tie her in for a bath if yanno what I mean.

A western bridle that will fit Rosie.  Her other mommie sent her to my house with a draft size western bridle but it's too big!!   Not just a little too big.. way too big.

Pretty much anywhere that carries good quality draft size tack and blankets but is not over the top priced I'm open to.   I like gently used stuff too!


  1. I'm sure the girls will appreciate their new blankets and halters. Winter weather stinks.

  2. Any suggestions? I've kinda looked around a bit online and some times the price is too good to be true. Makes you wonder about the company and if you are actually going to get what you bought.

  3. I use chick's discount saddlery and tack wholesale on a semi-regular basis. There is another one too but I am drawing a blank on it right now... They have some draft stuff and some mini stuff in addition to more "normal" sized stuff, and are usually pretty affordable for mid-quality stuff.

    I also go to google, click the "shopping" and put in what I am looking for. That has helped me find some great deals but buyer beware, you know?

  4. Oh I know! Thanks Pony and GHM


Happy Trails!