Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Do I Love Thee

Oh horse, noble steed, silent friend, teacher of life lessons, retreat from daily grind.. my list can go on.

Why do I love thee so much?  So much that I sacrifice other life luxuries to ensure you have the best? 

My love for you has changed over the many years you have been in my life.  
As a child it was the fairy tale versions of you that first romanced me into the world of horses.  

As a teenager trying to figure out life you were my confident, the silent keeper of my fears and apprehensions.  You taught me that simple things, caring words, and fair consistent treatment will be rewarded with desire to please and protect.

You still continue to teach me life lessons and are the keeper of my fears and apprehensions.  You amaze me with your intuitions and insight into my sole.  You stand patiently while I cry away my grief and pain from loosing someone I've known literally all of my life into your mane.

I can put my complete trust into you and I know you will  protect me from things I can't immediately see but come clear in time.  You don't realize this is not easy for humans, especially me.

Oh Horse, Noble Steed, Keeper of Life Secrets, I love you now because no matter how stressed and complicated my life gets you always greet me with kind words, soft nuzzles, and never a complaint.  It's amazing how when I'm with you the weight of the world is not so heavy. 

This is what it means to be In Love with a Horse 


  1. "It's amazing how when I'm with you the weight of the world is not so heavy. "

    Their backs are strong, so they carry the weight for us.

  2. Very nice. And so true for many of us.

  3. That is so beautifuol and made me teary with sweet truth pangs.
    Thank you~

  4. Thank you KK and Once Upon an Equine =)


Happy Trails!