Thursday, September 24, 2009

Addition To My Previous Post

At work - cell phone rings, number is the high school where Brady and Samie go to school.

Me: "Hello, this is Jeni"

Female voice: "Ms. Questa this is the school nurse, no emergency"

Me: "Uhh ok.. " Thinking no emergency why are you calling me?

Nurse: "I have Samantha in my office with me. She said she was evaluate for Mono and Strep last week?"

Me: "Yes ma`am. Strep negative, Mono positive"

Nurse: "Well Samantha has a full body rash that looks like Scarlet Fever to me?"

Me: "Scarlet Fever?????? Well Ok - Send her home."

Nurse: "Ok - Be aware that until she is seen by a doctor an released she can not come back to school or participate in Homecoming parade or march with band at half time. "

Me: "oh.. ok"

So I immediately call her doctor. Explain to scheduler person what school nurse said. They said have Samie come to office immediately they'd work her in. Great !!!!!

Call Samie tell her to get to doc's office and that I was on my way. I live in the city of Cincinnati, docs office is in Cincinnati, I work 20 miles one way from home. Traffic always sucks but today it's raining which makes the traffic 100 times worse. Taking a mixture of high way which I typically drive all the way home and city streets I made it there in record time.

and guess what???? It's SCARLET FEVER !!!!! But how can that be? Scarlet fever is a strep bacteria. She was still negative for strep.. UGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

I explained carefully that both boys are sick as well - head colds, coughs and sore throats - no fevers. She said she can't treat unless they have fevers.

oh joy!

Good news is that she'll be on antibiotic long enough by tomorrow game time to participate!


  1. Scarlet Fever? Sounds ominous. Hope your daughter & sons gets well soon. Yes, back-to-school means back-to-germ-fest. We had one home sick this week too.

    A hand sanitizer dispenser recently showed up in the lobby of my office building and we're told more are on order. I love it. I'm a big fan of hand sanitizer.

  2. Oh my goodness dear!I pray your kids well, with this disease of the past, revisited!Amazing. Hope all is okay now!

    I do hope you get to ride the beaches with your horse is a bit overwelming-at firt for them. But if they have another that is accustomed to the constant movement of surf and goes better! I had a great horse to ride with the first time...he walked right into the water and- it gave my mare a wonderful first fears here!

  3. Ugghhh....I had Scarlet Fever as a little girl because of undiagnosed strep throat (those tests aren't always right). I hope she responds quickly to treatment. You've had enough of illness!

  4. Thank you everyone for your well wishes!


Happy Trails!