Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Back To School Time

How can you tell??? Well because virtually EVERY child has some sort of plague. Including MINE!

Samie has Mono
Brady has some sort of head / chest cold - Most likely Mono as well
Logan says "mom my throat hurts" and he's been sniffling for days - can a 11 year old get Mono too?


And then there is this whole H1N1 flu - and the normal every day flu.... Viral pneumonia, Strep throat...

I sent the kids to school with Clorox wipes and large bottles of hand sanitizer with the highest alcohol levels I could find. I'm sure they are sitting in the bottoms of lockers not cool at all to be wiping down your desk as you walk into your next class.

Oh and Logan - Hockey. What's up with SHARING water bottles even though he carries his own. I watched coach pick up Logan's water bottle spray water into Logan's mouth then every open mouth down the bench.. UGGGGGG!!!! Next week I'm bringing 24 bottles and a label gun.

I can't be the only adult that does not have the time or desire to deal with sick children? I mean after the kids are over their sick I get sick with whatever plague they brought home Oh.. and the husband seems to be even more susceptible to plagues and he gets banished into quarantine (couch) with a bottle of lysol he must use on everything he touches.



  1. Ugh, tell me about it. Husband and kid are both sniffling and whiny. Which means just as they start to hit the worst of it *I* will come down with it. DELIGHTFUL.

  2. That stinks. And what' the matter with that coach and the water bottle.


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